29 December 2008

More boxes!

We have started really putting in the effort to pack this beast up.  We realized today that we are getting really good at packing.  Anyone want to hire us?  I think we have the right equipment to do it.  Look out on the street in front of our house and you'll see what I mean.  Anyway here are a few pictures of Erin's last loads of laundry on D-field and the ever mounting pile of packed boxes.


Well we went on a whirlwind tour of the Midwest for Christmas.  We saw Wichita

And we went to Jackson.  Erin got a little more face time with our niece.

We were busy, but we had a lot of fun seeing everyone all over the place.  Come to GA for a visit.

18 December 2008

I saw this little video on the news the other night and it brought tears to my eyes. For all of you military wives (and non military folks too) out there, I'm sure you'll know what I'm talking about when you watch it. If only our Christmas wishes could come true just like this little girl. For those of you who have a loved one overseas during this holidays, I know how hard it can be and am praying for a safe and speedy return! Happy Holidays!


17 December 2008

Candy Land Baby Shower

3 of Jack's cousins threw me a baby shower this past weekend. They used Candy Land as the theme since we don't know if it's a boy or a girl and let me say it was absolutely adorable. There was candy everywhere and our baby now has it's first board game...Candy Land!
We got so many nice stuff from everyone and are super excited to be able to start putting the nursery together after we get all moved in.
The cake looked like the board game!

There were even Candy Land party favors! They sure know how to throw a good party!

And the hit of the party and definitely the cutest...our beautiful niece Sadie. It's amazing how big she is getting. We'll sure miss her while we are in GA.

16 December 2008

Almost halfway there

12 weeks

Almost 19 Weeks. Baby J is starting to pop out a bit but still looking like a beer gut.

Well, time sure has seemed to fly by at least for this part of the pregnancy. I'm almost to the 20 week mark! I can't believe that in just 20 more weeks we'll be a family of 3! We have our ultrasound the end of December but sorry folks...we're still planning on waiting til the baby arrives to find out whether we have a boy or a girl. I know the suspense is just killing some people but only 20 more weeks and you'll know!

14 December 2008

The Long Long Trailer

Move over Lucy and Desi THIS is the long long trailer!  We picked up our trailer in Cuba, MO on Friday and drove to Jack's parents.  We're going to use it to haul our junk wherever the Army tells us to take it.  And with a little one on the way it's good we have all this space because Erin wants to keep buying stuff for the baby so Jack needs a place to put it!

04 December 2008

Starting up

We're amazed that DEC is already here.  Our pile of moving boxes and packing material has started growing at a much more rapid rate.  Erin even sealed the first box MON night.  We'll be headed south pretty soon.  We've enjoyed our time here.  We've made some new friends, caught up with old friends, and we're close to family...but it's time to pack up and move this show to the next venue.  We will officially leave just after the first of the year.  Erin is excited that the nearest Target is only 25 min away instead of an hour away.  Maybe someday our duty station will be right next to a Target...