26 June 2009

All Smiles

Daddy's Home!!! Someone missed daddy while he was in the field. Ok 2 someone's missed him!! :)

22 June 2009

Trip to Jacksonville, FL

On Sunday Katelyn and I drove 2 hours to Jacksonville, FL to meet up with Courtney and her family who were vacationing in Disney World. Who would have thought we would be meeting up in FL and not KS!! We hadn't seen each other since December. It was soooo great to see them and exciting for Courtney to meet Katelyn for the first time.

Katelyn was a great traveler and didn't cry once on the way there or back. She was even great during the day. I could definitely say I had a "perfect" baby yesterday!

And before Katelyn could meet Courtney we had to make sure she was stylin!! She got her toenails painted red!

17 June 2009


Just some random pictures from the past week. Katelyn is 6 weeks old today! She's starting to smile more when you talk to her....makes all those sleepless nights worth it!

She is starting to enjoy her bath more and more every night.

She was so tired she fell asleep propped up on the couch. She loves snuggling with her bunny that her Great Aunt Marlene gave her. She has a hard time taking her naps if she's not swaddled because she is constantly waking herself up with her arms, but if she has her bunny next to her, she'll sleep for several hours unswaddled. Figuring out these things are hard. If only I could read babies minds....I could make millions!

Laying in her crib with bunny. Too bad she wasn't sleeping!!!

6 week picture. She gets her picture taken each Wednesday so we can see her grow from week to week. So today she had her weekly photo shoot.

11 June 2009

Time is Flyin'!!

5 Weeks old and growing everday. She's still in her newborn clothes. I think she'll be in her newborn clothes for a while longer, the next size bigger is huge!
Look how well she can hold her head up!

She likes playing on the floor with daddy. They are watching tv together....although all she can see are the bright colors.
She likes her play gym and looking at the flashing light at the top. She is really starting to focus in on the toys that are hanging down in her face.