30 October 2011

Fire Truck

On Friday, Katelyn's school was honoring Breast Cancer Month and when I arrived to pick her up there was a pink fire truck parked in front! The truck looked like a fully functional fire truck that they had painted pink. There were signatures all over the truck. I'm not sure if the signatures were survivors or just all the places it had been. Only the teachers and personnel were around it - no kids. When Katelyn and I came out of school to go to the car, the fireman stopped her and asked her if she wanted to get on the truck and have her picture taken because she happened to have a pink shirt on. Of course she said YES!! So she took a seat and they gave her a little fire hat to wear too! She got her picture taken and got to keep her hat! She was pretty excited!

Fire fighter Katelyn!

Battalion Trunk or Treat

Thursday night our Battalion had a Trunk or Treat. Katelyn was very excited to put her costume on and put candy in her pumpkin! She was so excited and couldn't wait for it to get started. Of course, she wanted to eat (or taste) everything in the pumpkin before we got home. She still talks about candy all the time. (She isn't a bit candy fan, but wants to open try stuff. Why can't dinner be the same way?!?!)

Katelyn and Esmee
(Katelyn is a Southern Belle - she wasn't a big fan of the hat and the wind kept blowing it off her head)

Trick or Treat!

Trick or Treat Daddy!
"Put some candy in MY pumpkin!"

Taste testing!

Holding down the fort!

26 October 2011

{Wordless Wednesday} Almost

Align Center
(We went to a birthday party last weekend and a friend took this picture of Katelyn.
She just sent it to me today and I LOVE it! Look at those eyes!
Side note: She has her own photography business - perhaps that's why it's so good!)

Glow Sticks

Katelyn thoroughly enjoyed her "Special" bath tonight!

Pumpkin Carving

Pumpkin Carving 2011:

Katelyn was very excited to pick out her pumkins at the store and all she could talk about that night was "cutting out pumpkins face". She didn't understand the other jobs associated with pumpkin carving.

Katelyn was drawing a face on "her" pumpkin while daddy was getting the big pumpkin ready.

"Ummmmm......you want me to do WHAT?!?!
No one ever told me that you had to do that when you cut out his eyes."

"No thanks Dad! You can handle this part!"

Katelyn had to get her play doh knife to "help" out.

Such a goof!

18 October 2011

No more Pull Ups!

I can say we are THERE!! Katelyn has been to school several days and kept her panties dry the whole time. She is doing so good about telling us when she has to go potty and even starting to do it all on her own. I'm so proud of her!!!!

What an accomplishment!!

It's so nice to have a break from diapers for a few months :)

Pumpkin Patch

{October 8, 2011}

We went to Poppell Farm's Pumpkin Patch in Odum, GA this year again. It's really the only pumpkin patch in our area, but Katelyn had a blast again. Since she was bigger this year, she was able to enjoy it a bit more.

{Lots of pictures again; I was too lazy to make collages for all of them}

Spider slide (Supposed to be spider legs)

Petting Farm

Riding the cow train - this was the first thing she wanted to do when we got there and kept asking about it.

Standing on top of the world!


She was in love with this "Kiddie Maze." She kept running through it over and over again.
It wasn't challenging but I guess she just liked running down the path.

Daddy chasing her!

Practicing her roping skills!

Bouncing on the horses!

Ooops, the horse bucked her off!

Picking out a pumpkin at the pumpkin patch

This is THE one!

She wanted to get in the tractor sooooo bad!

{Watch Mommy Grow} 5 Months

October 16, 2011 - 5 Months
{22 Weeks}

I feel like I suddenly just "Popped" out. I'm definitely feeling pregnant!

I had a Dr. appt this morning. Baby Boy is measuring right on track, heart beat in the 150s, and blood pressure great! The doctor said the ultrasound pictures looked great and nothing showed on the sequential screening (screening for genetic disorders). He's starting to kick like crazy now, but not quite hard enough to feel on the outside.

I have a feeling that February will be here soon! Holidays, Move and then BABY!!!

Beautiful day at the park

{October 6, 2011}

Just another day at the park!
Katelyn is in love with swinging right now!
She wants to go higher and higher and squeals with delight the higher she goes!

(Just lots of park pictures :) )