28 December 2009

First Christmas

We spent Christmas in KS this year and it was VERY cold and snowy. Katelyn got to see her first snowfall. I must say this was probably one of the coldest Christmas' with snow drifts higher than I've ever seen. Christmas was great but would have been perfect if Jack could have been with us. We can't wait for next Christmas.

Katelyn didn't quite know what to do. It was about 9 degrees with the wind chill so she didn't get to play for long, it was too darn cold!

Katelyn was excited to start opening!

She did open some of her presents. She would often start and then decide she would rather play with the last toy that she opened. I'm sure she'll have it figured out by next year....watch out she'll be an opening machine!

We wish we could have been with the other side over Christmas too but we can't wait to see you all in January! I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!

Bring on 2010~!~!

22 December 2009

Go Wildcats!

We are so excited that the Kansas State Wildcats are ranked #12 right now! I am definitely enjoying being able to watch the games on TV....we don't get to see many games in GA. I guess they think there aren't many K-State fans down there! hah

Katelyn helps cheer them on too!

Now if we can just beat the Jayhawks, the season will be complete!

12 December 2009


While we were at Jack's parents house, I picked up a picture of Jack while he was at West Point and said "dadda!" Katelyn always gets a big smile when I say "dadda." She immediately grabbed the frame and tried to kiss it. It was sooo cute! I would be sooo happy if she said daddy first!

Katelyn misses you daddy!!! We can't wait until R&R comes!!!

Busy week!

Katelyn and I spent the last week in MO visiting Jack's family. We had a great time with his mom, dad, sister and niece! Katelyn and her cousin, Sadie seemed to have fun together, as much fun as a 7 month and 14 month old can have together! Sadie was such a good older cousin and patted Katelyn so gently and never once tried to pull out her paci, poke eyes, or bite! Thata girl!!

All bundled up for the cold...but it wasn't as cold as it was in KS.

Our girl is already 7 months old!?! Where did the last 7 months go??

Katelyn and Sadie in their Christmas dresses before we got to sit on Santa's lap. Katelyn surprised the heck out of me....she didn't even cry or act scared when she sat on Santa's lap!!

All the girls!

The girls playing SOOO good together! It will be so much fun when they get a little older; I can't wait!

It was great seeing everyone and we look forward to our next visit!!

30 November 2009


Katelyn's first tooth finally popped through tonight. I have been checking daily because I knew it was ohhh so close. She had been doing this funny thing with her tongue all day today and finally tonight I felt the little razor blade in there! She really is enjoying figuring out what the mystery thing is coming through her gums. Hopefully one of these days I'll be able to capture it on the good ol' camera!

28 November 2009


I hope everyone had a great time with their family this Thanksgiving weekend. I know we enjoyed spending time with our extended family that we don't get to see often enough! We have so much to be thankful this season and it's all due to the men and women who weren't able to spend this weekend with us! Thank you for all you do!

We had a busy weekend and Katelyn just really enjoyed taking it all in! She doesn't miss a thing!!

Katelyn gets really excited and wants to read/play with the newspaper when she is sitting on Grandpa or Grandma's lap. So we gave her a brochure to read that came in the mail.

She was really tuned in and focusing hard on picking out just the right car.
Jack - I think she REALLY liked the camaro on the back page the best! ;)

Katelyn is finally warming up to everyone, including her Uncle Matt. One of these days they'll have a great time playing, but for now just getting to hold her will have to do.

Notice her shirt! All you West Pointers out there....you'll be so proud! :)

Today, Elisa, a friend from my DQ days stopped by to see us. I hadn't seen her since my wedding so of course she hadn't met Katelyn yet. They hit it off and Katelyn even let her hold her for quite a while. It was soo nice catching up with her and hopefully we won't go 3+ years next time!

27 November 2009

I am thankful for...

many things but most importantly my daddy!!

We hope you had a good turkey day but we missed you at ours!


24 November 2009

Peek a Boo!

I See You!!

23 November 2009

A new slant on things

Katelyn has decided it's pretty cool to tilt her head sideways. It's pretty cute when she looks at you and then tilts her head. I'm not sure where she picked this up from but she seems to be picking up new things daily!

And here are a few pictures from last week:

19 November 2009

For my Daddy

and I miss them so much! I miss you lots and lots and can't wait to see you when you come home. Mom is ok, but you are much more fun!

Love you and slobbers,

16 November 2009

Fall or Winter?

The leaves have fallen and today a few flurries fell. The weather in KS is definitely much different that the 70s/80s that we were having in GA. I am definitely enjoying the cooler weather and for once, kind of excited about the first snow. Maybe it's because GA doesn't really have much in the way of season changes. I'm sure when we leave here I will be happy to go back to warmer weather!

Grandpa and Grandma raked some leaves and Katelyn got to sit in them. Next year will be so much more fun because she'll be able to run and jump in them!

After Church yesterday.
Katelyn actually left her shoes on! She probably felt like Dorothy in the "Wizard of Oz."

09 November 2009

She's getting big

Today was Katelyn's 6 month appointment. She got 3 more shots plus her flu shot so 4 total. Poor baby! She wasn't too happy at the time but it hasn't seemed to affect her this evening. She's her usual self!

Her 6 month stats:

14 lb 11 oz (28th percentile)
25 inches (20th percentile)

She's at the 50th percentile on weight for height. The doctor said she is perfect on her measurements and picked up on her weight a little bit. She must be enjoying her baby food!

She doesn't have to go for anymore shots until she is a year old! Hallelujah!!

06 November 2009

Half way there!

Katelyn is 6 months old already! I just don't know where the last 6 months have gone to. It feels like I just had her yesterday and she should still be this little newborn.

She is still working on her bottom teeth and I am praying that for both of us, that they come in sooner rather than later! They have really been giving her a hard time. She is rolling over but only from her back to her tummy. She hasn't quite figured out how to go back the other way and has only done it when she has gotten really steamed up! I think she may start crawling before she figures out how to roll back over.

Her 6 month appt with more shots is on Monday so I'll have to report back with her stats then. I'm anxious to see how much she has grown on the scale because I can definitely tell she is growing like a weed! She seems to be getting longer by the day...maybe she's going to take after her daddy!

This was her first week home

Does she even look like the same baby!?!? She is definitely a joy to be around and I'm so lucky to be her mommy and I know her daddy is missing her like crazy and we are missing him too!

We love you Jack and Daddy!

01 November 2009


The bumblebee didn't buzzzz far from her hive last night but we still had fun. A lack of nap during the afternoon made for one fussy bumblebee, but she lasted long enough to get pictures. Next year will be the fun year! But for her 1st Halloween, we still had fun!

The 2 bugs!! Emmalyn was a lady bug!

Katelyn's costume was made for an Arctic Halloween, not a GA Halloween. It was 85 degrees here yesterday, so not really a day for a lot of stuffing as her costume had! She didn't wear her pants or hand covers because she would have been a bee with a case of heat stroke!

26 October 2009

Tags or Toys?

Who needs all those toys when there are tags?!?!

Looks like she forgot to turn her 'faucet' off!

1st Pumpkin!

24 October 2009

Postwide Yard Sale Day!

Today was the post wide yard sale at Ft. Stewart. I was so excited and expecting tons of yard sales and great deals like when we were at Ft. Riley. There weren't as many sales as I thought there would be but I still walked away with some good stuff!

I got all of this for $9! I love bargains!!

22 October 2009

Laundry day!

Look who I found in the laundry basket!!!

I'm not sure she's foldable!

14 October 2009

13 October 2009

Bow making

I have always thought baby girls were just adorable with little barrets or bows. I hoped if I had a little girl she would have enough hair for these. Katelyn has hair but not enough for bows, but she doesn't need hair! So I decided to give it a whirl. I bought some ribbon and the clips and started making bows. It's really much easier than I anticipated and can't wait to make more so she'll have some to wear with different outfits and then once she gets more hair we can forego the headband.

My model. Isn't she a cute one?!?! hehe
She likes it!

First attempt!

08 October 2009

On a Roll

2 days ago Katelyn figured out how to roll from her back to her tummy. I was all excited!! She has been sleeping on her side at night and this has seemed to be working much better and we are all getting more sleep. So now that she can roll over, guess what?!? Sleeping on her side must be overrated, it's way more fun to roll over in her crib....except---she doesn't want to be on her tummy to sleep! Last night it didn't matter where we put her in the crib or what position we laid her in, she would find a way to roll over. I was so hopeful that once she figured out how to roll over she would sleep better at night since all of our friends' little ones love sleeping on their tummy and that was the missing link for them. Well of course, Katelyn MUST not be that easy! She wants to give us one more thing to try to figure out.

AHHHH baby girl......just find a position and sleep! It's going to be just us for a while and I know one person who needs some sleep! So for now, I'm holding out hope that when she figures out how to roll both ways, she'll find a way that she thinks is comfy and crash! Something has to work sooner or later, right?!

"Now, how do I get back the other way?"

06 October 2009

Picture is worth a thousand words

We love you!

Family Pictures

As you can see I'm catching up on blogging today. About a month ago we had our family pictures taken in Savannah at Forsyth Park. I was worried because I didn't know how Katelyn would do, but she did great and the photographer really got some great shots! I know some have already seen these on Facebook, but I wanted to post some for those family and friends who aren't facebookers!