19 August 2010

Pig tails or puppy tails?

What do you call them?
I had never heard of puppy tails until my Mother in Law called them that and since then I've heard it a couple more times. I always called them pig tails growing up.

Anyways, Katelyn had her first set on Tuesday.
You have to look closely in the picture, but they are there!
Cute, whispy pig tails!!
She never bothered them once!

She also got her first pair of cowgirl boots.
She carried them around all morning and then when I put them on her, she didn't want to take them off. They didn't quite match her outfit, but she sure didn't care.

I may be a bit partial, but she was so gosh darn cute with her pigtails and boots!

Jack - I think Katelyn is going to follow in your footsteps with big feet!
All the food she is eating seems to be going straight to her feet. The size 5's are almost too small; lets just hope they stop growing before they reach size 14s!!
Love you!

16 August 2010

Busy Weekend

We had a busy, but fun weekend.
We went to KC on Friday and did a little shopping at The Legends.

Playing in the fountain at The Legends.
It was SO hot that day!

Saturday we went to Bass Pro and then to my cousin, Amy's, wedding.
It was so fun getting to see some extended family!

Katelyn and Uncle Matt trying out a 4 wheeler at Bass Pro

Katelyn playing with her youngest cousin Owen.

Waiting for Amy's wedding to start

Blowing bubbles as we wait for Amy and Dean to leave the church.
Katelyn was going crazy for the bubbles!!

Lil Cousin Owen at the reception.
He'd had ALL the fun he could take!
Don't ya just want to give those lil cheeks a squeeze? :)

Then Sunday on the way back, we stopped at my Grandma's house and we got to meet another new member of the family, lil Cooper. (He's already 6 months old; that's one of the bummers about living so far away. The little ones aren't so little by the time we actually get to meet them.)

Katelyn was trying to play with him.
Next time we see him he'll be even more mobile than he is now and she'll really have fun!

Katelyn was a great traveler the entire weekend. Only getting a short nap each of the 3 days, she was one tired little girl at night. She slept all night both nights in her pack and play--this is quite the accomplishment for us!! She has never been a big fan of it; so now I'm hopeful we can go on a few more overnight trips and no one should be sleep deprived!

Jack - Road trip over Block leave ?? :)
P.S. Love you and miss you!!

09 August 2010

Need a Mechanic?

If so, give Katelyn a call. She learned how to change out fuel filters today. She was quite the little helper; even handing Uncle Matt the tools he needed. (After emptying out all the sockets out of the box)

"What size did you say you needed Uncle Matt?"

"Ahh yes, here it is!"

"Did you say you needed a little help under there?"

Learning how to :

Chain up to a vehicle - Check
Put a new fuel filter in - Check
Replace headlights - well maybe if she wakes up from her nap in time.
Working on a truck in this heat is tiring!

06 August 2010

Just a few happenings from the past weeks

She loved eating corn on the cob and of course had to do it just like Mommy!
She is becoming quite the little Miss Independent!

The big girl eating her blueberries with a fork!

We had a playdate with Michele and Leighton.
Katelyn LOVED the beads and wore them the whole time we were there.
She can be a "girly girl" when she wants!
(And yes, that's a potty chair in the middle of the picture.
They are just So fun to play with. No worries folks - it was brand new.)

And then she can be not so "girly" of a girl!
(She got hosed off before coming in the house that night!)

Helping Grandpa and Grandma dig the shrubs out from the front of the house.
She never let a shovel go idle.

And then everyone has to have a laundry basket picture, right?!

Hope ya'll are keeping cool!
A couple more months and we'll be a family of 3 again living in the same house!

Living up to her name


Tonight, I was helping Grandpa W chain up to the truck. Since I'm a "J", I know you'll teach me lots more things about cars! Maybe I can show you a few tricks of my own :)

Hurry home daddy so I can help you out! I miss you and love you! I sent a kiss your way before bed!

Love you,