30 January 2011

2BCT Ball

Saturday night Jack and I attended the 2 BCT ball in Savannah. The dinner, speaker and dance took part during a river boat cruise down the Savannah River. The other ball festivities ie. grog ceremony took place on the dock under Army tents. All in all, it was much better than I had anticipated, but the hour and a half that we had to stand out on the dock freezing with no restrooms was not so great. There were many unhappy women!!

These were the Army tents set up on the dock.
At least they were equipped with 2 kegs and wine!
This was probably the first ball I have attended that alcoholic beverages were provided for free - well at least until we boarded the boat, at which point the drinks cost a small fortune!

I found it rather amusing to watch the "tourists."
Apparently we were quite the tourist attraction because the sidewalk was lined with people watching, pointing and taking pictures.

"Old" E/1-30 IN ladies!
Me and my handsome Captain!

29 January 2011


.....is what Katelyn yells over and over again as she's running down the hall....
after I've asked her if she is ready for bath time.

She loves bubbles in the bath and bubbles outside.

I have a hard time getting her to come in the house if she sees the bubble wands in the garage.
She even wants to blow bubbles in the rain.

Crazy bubble addicted girl!!


Just being Katelyn

Just some random pictures of Katelyn being her cute little self!

Say "Cheese!"

28 January 2011

Rain Rain Go Away

Come again another day - Katelyn wanted to play outside.
She got an umbrella last Easter from Grammie and Pops with her name on it that she hasn't been big enough to use yet.

What better time than now to pull it out?!

And now let's just play in the rain .... no need for an umbrella!

Posing for the camera?

Momma Katelyn

Katelyn's favorite toys right now are here baby dolls, stroller and accessories.
These are the first things she heads to in the morning
and also when she gets home from "school."
She enjoys buckling and re-buckling the buckles on the stroller.....
covering "doll" up with HER favorite blanket....
feeding said doll her bottle and baby food....
making sure paci is in baby's mouth....
and pushing her around in the stroller.

It's so cute to see her try to do all these things for the baby doll!

Trying to put the bib on baby.
We wouldn't want her to get dirty now would we?!

Holding the baby with such care

Come on baby...let's eat!
(Maybe now she'll see how frustrating it is for momma when babies don't eat!)

Making sure the baby food is fit for baby to eat

27 January 2011

Goodbye E/1-30 IN

Wednesday was the Battalion Change of Command Ceremony for 2-3 BTB and also the casing of the colors for E/1-30 IN. Jack took command of E Co last March while they were deployed to Iraq. Due to the Army changing the structure of the engineers in the brigade combat teams and narrowing them down to one company within the brigade, E Co merged with another engineering company and made an entirely new company.

So on Wednesday we officially said "goodbye" to E Co.

Jack's been working lots of hours to get all the property handed over to the new company. Although his E Co command time has ended, his company command time is not yet over. In March, he will be taking over as commander for HHC/2-3 BTB. This also means I'll be changing FRGs as well. It was bittersweet saying good bye to all the great families we worked with but I'm hopeful that HHC will be full of more wonderful military families.

E/1-64 AR (on left) and E/1-30 IN (on right)
Merging to become C/2-3 BTB

Jack in front of his guidon

Brigade Commander and Battalion Commander approaching to do the casing of colors

Casing the colors

"Job well done"
Jack shaking the Brigade Commander's hand

Off go the colors

Battalion Change of Command

New Battalion Commander ready to take on the job!


Katelyn has become very interested in our shoes.
She tries to get them on and wants them on but once they are on,
they are too big for her to keep on and walk around with.
She tries to put on Jack's Army boots,
but they probably weigh more than she does,
so as soon as she tries to walk in them she falls over.

Her latest find in shoes were what Jack calls my "Hooker" boots ha!
She knew they needed to be zipped up but,
of course wasn't able to walk around with them on.

The boots were taller than her legs!

19 January 2011

Katelyn's Scrapbook Pt. 4

Here is the final part of the scrapbook thus far!

Thanks for visiting!
Come back for more later - much later! :)