12 September 2011

What's happening in GA?!

I'm going to try my best to post weekly on what is happening here in GA. We don't often get tons of pictures of everyday stuff.

Last Monday I had another routine doctor appointment. I was 16 weeks and the doctor said things looked good. The baby's heartbeat was 150. The exam room we were in had a portable ultrasound machine so the doctor put it on baby. Baby was "standing" up! (feet down, head up). Baby better get this position worked out before d-day comes! Jack was able to go to this appointment - this was the first appointment he's been able to go to so it was exciting that he got to see the baby briefly. Last week the baby seemed to be punching me in the ribs, this week not so much. It is fun to be able to start feeling baby a little more. On more exciting news......We will get to find out if baby is a boy or girl on October 4!! (If baby cooperates!)

Most probably know but if not - we are moving to Fort Leonard Wood, MO in December! We are sooo excited to be so close to family. Katelyn will finally be able to see her grandparents regularly and the new baby will begin his/her new life with lots of family around!! December can not come fast enough! I had been house hunting on the internet and came across what seemed to be THE P.E.R.F.E.C.T. house! I talked to the owners on the phone and for whatever reason they seemed to fall in love with me and told me that they would hold the house for us. Jack's parents were able to head to FLW a few days later and check it out and it was everything we thought and more! This house is about 12 minutes from post, has 5 bedrooms, 3 bath, den, formal dining room, eat in kitchen, 2 car garage, walk out basement, HUGE family room in basement, wet bar (small), storage room, outdoor storage on the back of the house, lots of closets and is 3400 square feet!!!!! I have a feeling we aren't going to want to move out of this house!! Oh and in case you didn't know, we're just renting. No more buying for us until we are settled permanently! So, since we have plenty of rooms, we will have LOTS of room for visitors ;) And I'll even get a craft/sewing room and the kids will have a play room. Glorious!

Thursday Katelyn woke up and mid morning I noticed that she seemed a little tired looking. I felt her and she was burning up! She had a 103.3 degree fever! So I started the medicine right away and it seemed to come down. But as soon as the medicine was starting to wear off, the fever came right back. I kept her up on medicine all day and the fever never really seemed to break 102! During the day it was as high as 105! Then in the evening, it continued to climb. At about 6:00, we decided to throw her in the tub and see if we could get it to come down a bit with a cool bath. Poor thing - she hated every second of it! We ended up giving her a sponge bath and got the fever to come down a few degrees. Before we put her in the tub, her fever had climbed to as high as 106.7-107!!!! We were starting to really freak out now! It came down a bit again and then I checked her about 10:30 and it was back up to 107! We really didn't want to head to the ER for them to tell us that we were doing everything possible and send us back home at 11. She really didn't have any other symptoms besides the high fever. Thankfully after another dose of motrin at around midnight it finally broke and we were saved a trip to the ER. She battled a lower grade fever on Friday and was kind of crabby on Saturday and Sunday. She must have picked up a bug at school but BOY was that a scary situation! I don't think I've ever been so worried or scared with her before!

Some more exciting news - Katelyn is pretty much completely potty trained!! She hasn't had an accident in, well I can't even remember now! I know there will be one here or there, but so far she is doing amazing. I still haven't completely put all trust in her, she still wears a pull up to school and if we are going to be away from the house for a while. Although, if it's just a short trip, she does well. Of course, we are no where near ready to work on night time training yet, but I'm just thrilled with our progress this far. Something FINALLY clicked! Praise the Lord!

Well - here's week 1 . Let's see how long I can keep this up!!

06 September 2011

Labor Day Weekend - Columbia, SC

Over the long weekend, we went visited some friends that are stationed at Ft. Gordon, GA (about 2.5 hours from here). They have 2 girls (4 and 2) so it's always fun for Katelyn. And they have MORE than enough toys for everyone!! Katelyn was very excited to see Makara and Kinley and is still talking about them. We spent Friday night at their house and then headed to Columbia, SC on Saturday morning. It's only an hour drive from their house.

Saturday we went to the Riverbanks Zoo and Sunday we hit up the Edventure Children's Museum before heading home. Everyone had a great weekend as we always do with them, but we were ready to be back home in our own beds!

Katelyn was infatuated with the giraffes and kept asking to go back and see them the entire time we were at the zoo! When we got to the giraffe exhibit, they were all out of food, so the girls couldn't feed them. :(

A baby giraffe getting a bottle from the zookeeper

Makara, Kinley and Katelyn sitting on the gorilla


front view! Look at all the cute little girls!

She loved the aquariums and looking for Nemo

At Edventure Children's Museum
The firetruck was her favorite and it took many attempts to pry her away from it to move on to other things. And then she kept asking to go back!

Driving a "bug"

And she even slid down the pole!

The butterfly garden.
She was pretty excited finding all the butterflies.

Maybe she'll get a little brother so he can have a peddle tractor! haha

Driving the right color of tractor!

Milking Bess!
She squeezed enough to get the "water" to come out

Grocery shopping

checking out!

This boy was over 2 stories tall and on the back side you can climb inside him and "explore" his organs. Katelyn liked the slide the best. The slide is actually the digestive tract. She got "spit" out many times because she thought the slide was pretty fun!