29 August 2011

Even Daddy can paint

Finger nails!!!! :)

Of course Katelyn wanted her nails painted right in the middle of me making dinner last night. So Daddy had to do his first manicure and pedicure! She was a little leery at first but she decided that he was the only one that was going to do it for her at the time so she gave in. He did pretty well for his first time!

Good job Daddy!!! I'm sure it'll be the first on many more "girlie" things he'll be forced to do!

28 August 2011

Children's Museum

Hurricane Irene decided to be so kind as to leave us alone and head up north. We didn't even get so much as a drop of rain! It was windy but that was about it and for that I'm very thankful. I feel so sorry for those folks that are washing away up north. So.....we decided to head Hilton Head, South Carolina on Saturday to the children's museum. It wasn't as big as I thought it might be, but Katelyn seemed to have fun regardless!

Taking Daddy for a trip in her airplane!

And that'll be $3.49 please!

Baker Katelyn

Katelyn the Builder

Playing with the trains!
She really needs a brother so he can have all these "boy" toys that she really enjoys playing with haha!

Playing in the magic sand

Playing on the boat - Captain Katelyn

Being a mermaid

New favorite activity


As you can see she's not the best at not mixing the colors, but for as long as it keeps her occupied....I don't care!! I tried at first to show her and quickly gave up. New watercolors are a cheap fix!! So for now Katelyn, keep on painting as long as your little heart desires!

How to eat breakfast

In style!

23 August 2011

{Watch Mommy Grow} 2 and 3 Months

There hasn't been too much going on around here, hence the lack of posts lately. Just hot as usual and now we're preparing for Hurricane Irene. Every track shows a slightly different track, but for the most part, it looks like the worst should miss us. I'm sure we'll have plenty of rain and maybe a little wind, but hopefully not anything more than that. We're praying she "Hooks" east!
It wouldn't hurt my feelings to move outta this joint without going through a hurricane!
Time will tell!

On a different note - lil peanut's been cooking and starting to pop out more and more every day. I'm ready for the "fat or pregnant" stage to pass! I have my next appt right after Labor Day and Jack should be able to go with me so he'll be able to hear the heartbeat for the first time!

I've been feeling decent; not as great as I felt with Katelyn though. Boy?!?! Who knows, time will tell! And those that were bummed we did not find out the sex with Katelyn, will be happy to know we are going to find out what Lil Peanut is! Hopefully that appt will be in about 5-6 weeks! Then we'll know if Katelyn's prediction of Baby sister is correct! hah!

2 Months - July 16, 2011

3 Months - August 16, 2011

08 August 2011

Sneak Peek at Lil Peanut

Today, I got a sneak peek at our lil Peanut! Unfortunately, Jack is in the field again so he wasn't able to see but hopefully he'll be able to attend more appointments now that this field exercise is almost up.

Lil Peanut was VERY cooperative today. The tech was trying to get a specific measurement and said that it could take 10 minutes or it could take 30 minutes and still not get one. The minute she started the ultrasound Peanut was laying in the perfect position. The tech was so happy. She said that everything looked great and the measurement she was looking for was great. If the measurement was too large - it indicated Down's Syndrome. Of course, there is not 100% guarantee from an ultrasound but she was very optimistic that baby was doing great.
(This is just a routine screening that you can opt to do.)

After the tech got the measurements she needed, she took some other measurements and showed me more of Lil Peanut! We were able to see that Lil Peanut has 2 arms, 2 legs (still connected), 2 hands (fingers still in web like shape), brain forming, stomach, 2 eye sockets, 2 ear buds, and collar bones beginning to form. She also said that the cord looked great. All such reassuring things to hear! And baby is measuring right on track! Hopefully this continues...I'd prefer to not have a 11 pounder like it's Daddy!! :)

It was so cool to get to see baby this early and then again at 20 weeks! With Katelyn, I only got 1 ultrasound the entire pregnancy and that was at 20 weeks. So this was super cool!

Katelyn has enjoyed these pictures and carried them around quite a bit this afternoon. She'll look at them and say "Baby Sister" and then put the pictures on the entertainment center. (She always calls it baby sister even if we call it brother or sister.) I think she's starting to understand it a bit more - She'll say "Baby in tummy." I'm sure it'll make a little more sense when I start to show even more. Hopefully the enthusiasm continues; I think she'll be a great big sister!!

06 August 2011

Playing in the rain - again

I know there's already a post about Katelyn playing in the rain,
but she was so cute today splashing around that I have to do another post!

I know the grandparents will enjoy it!

Notice she can see - her hair isn't in her eyes anymore! I finally took her for another haircut today and she wanted to sit all by herself in the chair like a big girl...and she DID! She sat so still and listened to what the lady wanted her to do. I was so proud of her! Guess she's not a little girl anymore :*(

Bubble Bath

This girl loves her bath, especially if there are bubbles in it!

Boo Boo

Last week Katelyn's school called one morning and said that she'd had an accident at school. My heart always drops when they call and I'm just praying that she has all her teeth in her mouth and no broken bones. They said she was doing fine now, but was outside playing ball and fell face first onto the sidewalk and scratch her forehead up. It probably was a good thing it happened at school because she let them put an ice pack on it and I doubt that would have happened at home! School said she didn't cry too much and was a little trooper!

I swear, I need to buy this girl a helmet to wear to school. About a month ago, she busted open her lip when she fell on the playground!

Luckily it healed really fast but she liked telling her story over and over again and she always wanted to be sure that I knew she had a boo boo on her forehead. Guess she was proud of it!