28 June 2010

Hee Haw

So maybe some of you won't remember or have ever heard of the show "Hee Haw." I have great memories watching it when I was little (I'm talking less than 5 years old) at my Grandpa and Grandma Winter's house out on the farm. It was on Saturday nights and we would always watch it while/after Grandma would make one of her great suppers!

For all you Hee Haw watchers.....
Here's Minnie Pearl....with shades!

Cruisin' in the Coupe

We're back in business

I've been having some major computer issues in the past month and the worst of it required a new system board. So, now I'm up and running and need to get to updating!

I took Katelyn to the Splash Park on post and she ran right through the gate up to the water. I wasn't sure how she was going to react, but apparently she LOVED it! Just wish that Jack was here to see her have so much fun, next summer!

Ruffles on the butt - only on a toddler!

Right in the middle of it!

I think we'll be making another trip there before we head out of GA.
Have to do something to keep you cool when it feels like 112 degrees!

11 June 2010

Water Baby

It's hot in GA and Katelyn loves being outside.
Solution - Water!!!

I had to post this because I just think they are too cute.
Katelyn's very first pair of Flip Flops! And, she keeps them on!

02 June 2010

Ice Cream

Katelyn and I went to Baskin Robbins last night for a little ice cream treat. She wasn't a big fan of eating the ice cream off the cone because she could get it faster if she just ate it off the spoon. Crazy girl! Although, she was a huge fan of eating the empty cone afterwards and ate the whole cone!