23 July 2010

Working with Grandpa and Racing for the #48 team

Today we met Grandpa W for lunch. Katelyn enjoyed sitting on his lap and ordering some materials for him. I guess Grandpa will find out what she ordered on Monday. Hopefully she didn't spend too much money ;) hehe

Katelyn is fine tuning her skills so she can join Jimmy Johnson's #48 Nascar team. I think she's going to be a natural ;) I guess she's in the right family!

We love and miss you Jack/Daddy!
In the double digits now!!

19 July 2010


I've been working more on Katelyn's scrapbook lately.

If you want to see the rest of it, check it out here.

Playing in the rain

Ready to Ride

We got together with some extended family this weekend and Katelyn got her first taste of horseback riding...well sort of. We set a saddle on the floor and she climbed right up on it and acted like she knew exactly what she was doing. She grabbed the saddle horn and all but said "Giddy Up!"
Jack - Katelyn thinks she needs a pony now :)

She also got her first experience with kitties, barn cats at that,
although they were very friendly and let her pet them.

I was so surprised that she wasn't scared of them at all.
She got down and went right over to them.

05 July 2010

4th of July Weekend

Our 4th of July weekend was nothing too exciting. Darius Rucker and EnVogue were on post Friday night with fireworks after, but taking a 13 month old to a hot, crowded, loud event didn't sound like too much fun to me...so we didn't go. There was a free carnival on post Friday and Saturday and we ventured over there for a bit on Saturday afternoon. The weather was actually nice and it wasn't blazing hot. The only ride Katelyn could ride was the Carousel and lets just say, she wasn't a bit excited about it. She made it about 2 times around and then I had to hold her the rest of the ride. Oh well, maybe next year!

After, we went to the Tree House on post and she played with her friend Danny for a while. She loves running around, crawling through the tunnels and climbing up the slide. She always makes new friends when she's there too! hah

2 Patriotic girls ready for Church!

Today I decided to take Katelyn to the park. This was the first time she's really be able to run free and play on any playground equipment and she LOVED it! We will definitely have to make some more trips to the playground!

This girl LOVES slides!

And is getting much more tolerable of swings too!

She didn't have to look too hard to find pine cones.

She quickly figured out how to make this thing go
and actually wasn't scared of it!
All in all - a great afternoon at the park!

Hope everyone had a fun and safe 4th of July!