25 February 2009

3/4 of the way there!

This week marks 30 weeks! It's hard to believe that we could be meeting Baby J in just 2 months or less. When we found out we were pregnant in September, May seemed like an eternity. I hope these next couple months fly by. Baby J is getting more active every day and getting quite powerful with the kicks!

18 February 2009

Hitlon Head Pictures

So we didn't get many pictures, but we got a couple out at the windy beach.  The water wasn't so warm either.

15 February 2009

Hilton Head

Well we are spending the night at Hilton Head and we were going around baby clothing stores and guess who we saw?  Why Ben Bailey from Cash Cab.  Erin really wanted to yell out Red Light CHALLENGE!!!! But decided against it.  We went to the beach for a minute and it was cold.  We'll post pictures later.

04 February 2009

Baby J's Nursery

We worked hard this past weekend on the baby's room. We got the room painted and the wallpaper hung and also put together the furniture. All the boxes of baby stuff has also been unpacked and a home for it has been found. Now the room actually looks like a nursery instead of a room full of boxes.

The crib was a piece of cake to put together which is good because I'm sure it will need to be taken apart for at least one of our moves!

We were amazed how many pieces the dresser came in. We also found the directions were not always correct. Good thing we could do a little problem solving!

And now for the finished product....for now! We are still waiting on one other piece of furniture, which is currently on back order. We also need to hang the curtains and wall decor and when the baby comes their name will be put above the crib. We can't really do that one ahead of time since the sex of the baby is going to be the biggest surprise of our life!
Drum roll please...........

The rocking chair has a special meaning since it was my Grandpa's. I'm so excited to be able to use it with my children. I'll always think of him when I'm sitting in it rocking the baby!

So that's all for now!