25 May 2011

Where we've been spending a lot of time

Friday night Katelyn got the idea that going potty on the big girl potty was great! Jack was gone this weekend so Katelyn and I spent a lot of time in the bathroom and me asking her if she needed to use the potty OVER and OVER and OVER again! She has been doing really well and has even gone #2 on the potty! We are no where near "there" but we have definitely come a long way since Friday night! I'm so happy that she has decided she is ready to start this process!

Mommy and Daddy are SOOO proud of you and hope you keep up the good work!

First Hair Cut!

We have been saying that Katelyn needed a hair cut for a couple weeks now, but have just been avoiding it because I was afraid of what it would. Her hair was hanging down in her eyes and she was constantly rubbing her eyes to get the hair out of them. I wanted to get her 2 year pictures taken so we decided it needed to be done!

Well - Katelyn proved me wrong!
She was FANTASTIC and now she can see!!
What did Mommy know!?!

First pet

Katelyn got her first pet for her birthday!
Uncle Matt got her a beta fish - she calls him "fishy."
He has been quite the active guy! He lives on our counter and every time we go into the kitchen he thinks he's going to get fed. I guess he thinks he must have been starved before he got to our house. We feed him 2 times a day and Katelyn enjoys watching him eat. She'll climb up on the bar stool and just watch "fishy."

She better enjoy this "pet" because that is as much of a pet as she is going to get for a LONG time! No dog or cat for her next birthday!

24 May 2011

Katelyn's 2nd 2nd Birthday Party!

Since Papa and Grandma W and Uncle Matt weren't here for Katelyn's 1st party, we had a 2nd 2nd birthday party! haha They came to visit for a week and we had a lot of fun and of course that week FLEW by! We didn't have to do too much; Katelyn was pretty much all the entertainment we needed! Unfortunately Jack got stuck working most of the weekend and late some of the nights and the weather was on the cooler side (no complaints here!) so we weren't able to go to the beach, but we did go to the Tree House on post, park, played outside in the beautiful weather, took Katelyn to get her first haircut and a trip to Savannah to The Lady and Sons Restaurant! Most importantly, it was just fun to be together. We hadn't seen them since Christmas! TOO LONG!

Baking brownies with Grandma

Singing "Happy Birthday".
She made some funny faces this time again.

Present time AGAIN!
She loves this little foldable lawn chair! It's just her size!
She is also becoming quite a puzzle lover and has almost mastered the jigsaw puzzles she got!

Chilling with Uncle!

We ate at Paula Deen's restaurant - The Lady and Sons

Jack and Uncle giving the car a "tune up"

And look how dirty she was after playing outside!
She was DEFINITELY in need of a good scrubbing!

What a great week!
Who wants to come visit next!?!

09 May 2011

Katelyn's 2nd Birthday

Katelyn turned 2 on Friday and I am still in shock that my baby girl is 2!! These last 2 years have been the best years of our life and I can't imagine our life without our little bundle of joy.

All week long Katelyn was been talking about her "Party Day." Whenever she would wake up from a nap or in the morning she would say to me "K K Party Day?" and then we'd count how many days were left. It was hilarious! So on Thursday night Grammie and Pops got here and the fun began! We hung a banner over the fireplace and when she woke up on Friday morning she ran out to the living room and pointed at it and yelled "PARTY DAY!" We celebrated Katelyn's birthday a little on Friday. She got presents from Mommy and Daddy and also the camaro from Grammie and Pops. She was pretty excited to open the car and started saying "Boyer's Car! Boyer's Car" (Clint Bowyer's Car - Jack brought home a matchbox Clint Bowyer car from the nascar race and that's what she calls sports cars now.) She doesn't quite have long enough legs, but a block added to the top of the pedal helped a lot! Now if she could just figure out to turn the steering wheel at the same time as pushing the pedal! Lots for a 2 year old to remember!

On Saturday we had her birthday party - Dora themed of course! Some friends came over, we grilled out, sang Happy Birthday, ate cupcakes and cookies, pulled the strings on a Dora pinata, and swam in the backyard. It was a good day and I think all the girls had a great time! I know Katelyn had a blast with her friends and loved all the attention - especially when we sang Happy Birthday (She didn't want to get off the stool and wanted us to sing again and again! Goofy girl!)

Banner I made for the "Party Day!"

"Boyer's Car!"

Her first driving lesson from Daddy!

She made it move and was pretty stoked!

Another driving lesson from Pops

Opening up presents from Mommy and Daddy

The couch was a HUGE hit!

I made a Dora blanket for her and as soon as she opened it,
she plopped down on her couch and covered up!

A Radio Flyer Inchworm that I redeemed my Pampers points for so it was free but probably really cost us $1000 in diapers!

Making "Ghetti" with her new pot and pans set that she got from Aunt Marlene, Uncle Mark, Dallas, and Ty.

The neighbors came over to see Katelyn's new ride.
Jasmine was her first passenger!

The cupcakes for her Party Day!

Dora themed cookies - Dora, Backpack and Star!

Wearing her "I'm 2" shirt and dancing to her favorite song "Wildflowers" again and again.

The drawstring backpack each of the girls got for the gift bag.

And I even embroidered their name on it!

Emmalyn and Katelyn eating lunch

The spread!

The girls playing in the play room!
Toys were everywhere; I thought we might have to dig one of the girls out! haha

Singing "Happy Birthday" to Katelyn.
She was making some funny faces during the song .

And then she didn't want us to stop singing!

Pinata time!
No more hitting of the pinata - now you just pull the strings...all 8 of them!
Kind of a joke, but oh well!

Present time!
She is one spoiled little girl!

And then it was pool time!
I made the mistake of saying we would go swimming next (before she opened her presents) and she could have cared less about the gifts or opening them.
She just wanted to go outside!

She got "colored" bubbles from her cousin Sadie.
They were a huge mess!
The next time we do them, we'll strip off her clothes and do it in the backyard.
They were cool though, because the bubbles really were green, but every time she popped on, her face got splattered!
Live and Learn!

Crusin' in the car - after we put the block on the pedal!

Her "Party Day" isn't over yet, because at the end of the week Papa, Grandma and Uncle Matt are coming to visit! It's been since Christmas since we've seen them so we're excited! We'll do a little "Party Day" with them since they couldn't be here for the other party. Let the fun continue!!

Katelyn is such a lucky girl to have so many people that love and care for her. She was definitely remembered on her birthday!