31 August 2012

{Randomness} August

 Our randomness in August!

August 1, 2012 - Getting into what he shouldn't be. I can't believe it's starting already!

August 6, 2012 - Katelyn painting at school.

August 13, 2012 - beautiful eyes!
August 27, 2012 - Our little model

And....the artwork for the month!

See ya next month for some more randomness!

26 August 2012

Sidewalk Chalk Paint

Thanks Pinterest for another fun idea! This one was a bigger hit than the spray bottles. She loves to paint and had been asking to paint with these new brushes I'd bought. She had no idea that I was going to make chalk for the new brushes, but she was pretty excited when I told her it was time to paint. 


Our little artist at work. She is starting to try to make more objects and then colors them in. It's pretty funny to see what she comes up with; most of the time her "things" are pretty off the wall. For example, the other day she drew a picture in a rectangular shape and she told me it was a shoe box. Where did she come up with that?! We hadn't talked about shoes lately, so who knows where that came from!
She came out of the bathroom with the flower in her hair.. all by herself. Guess it's already beginning.

And the best part, it just washed right off! Easy clean up! If we could get some rain I would have just left it, but I don't think there is any in sight!

{Photo Shoot} Katelyn

 While I was taking Will's 6 month pictures, Katelyn was begging me to take her pictures. So, here is her little photo shoot. I wish I could have gotten her to change her shirt for the second set of pictures because there are some really cute pictures and I think they would be cuter if she would have had a different shirt on. Oh well, such as life!




Geez, Isn't she beautiful?! (Another bias Mom :) ) Man, we are going to have our hands full! We're going to have the boys calling and knocking on the door constantly! Jack is going to be busy haha!

25 August 2012

Miller Cave

Today we decided to take a little hike to Miller Cave which is on post. Katelyn and Jack had been a couple times, but I'd never been before. It takes longer to drive there from the house than the hike actually takes....good thing too cause this Momma is out of shape!

Ready to go!

Usually there is water in the cave, but because of the summer we've had, it's dry!

Isn't she something else!?

Holding up the cave! haha!

She went through a little tunnel and came out the other side!

We all made it! Will enjoyed the ride and almost feel asleep when we got back to the car. Katelyn walked the whole way and did wonderfully.

Looking over the edge!

24 August 2012

{6 Month Photos}

 Warning::: This is a long post full of pictures of our sweet little boy!! 





I'm planning on taking a picture of Will with this same tie at 1 year, 2, 3, etc and watching him grow into it!



Hope you enjoyed! Stay tuned for next month's installment of Watch Me Grow!