29 January 2012

1st Slumber Party

We now live about 70 miles from some good friends, so they came up for a visit over the weekend. They have 2 little girls, one of which is 3 weeks older than Katelyn and boy did they have a great time playing! Katelyn took Reagan to the park and showed her how to skip rocks and then showed her the cave on post that her and Daddy like to explore. It was nice for the momma's and baby to stay home and just relax and chat! 
Sharing some popcorn. Reagan was trying to hide out on the stairs and eat her popcorn. She LOVES popcorn!
 Time for Bed!!!
This was the first time Katelyn had ever shared her bed with anyone. She's only been sleeping in a big girl bed since the beginning of January so I was a little skeptical on how well it would work out, but the girls were both so tired it seemed to work just fine.

The girls being silly before lights out!

They were telling us to leave them alone!

Aren't they just adorable?!?! Katelyn had to have her hair in a ponytail just like Reagan's was.

The Daddy's were chasing them around the living room! AND, the girls were loving it!
I'm sure this is just the first of many slumber parties Katelyn will have and I'm glad that it went over so well! It is so nice and fun to have friends with kids the same ages!

22 January 2012

Getting Baby Brother's room ready

Katelyn had to be sure to be involved in putting the crib back together. She has been Daddy's little helper when it has come to putting things back together. It often times takes a bit longer because she'll run off with one of the screws you might need, but at least she feels involved and helpful.

It sure is amazing how much less organized and prepared room wise I am for #2 than I was with Katelyn.  Seems like with Katelyn I was ready about 3 months beforehand and while I'm ready for 2.0 to arrive, his room isn't near as ready as it was with Katelyn. Don't get me wrong, he has everything he needs, I just don't feel as organized. Oh well! Life goes on and he'll come regardless!

 Once we get his room all put together I'll get some pictures, although it will look surprisingly similar to Katelyn's haha.  We went neutral with everything and it has proved to work out well so far!! We haven't bought much other than a few pieces of clothes.

18 January 2012

{Watch Mommy Grow} - 8 Months

8 months!! So close, but yet so far away!!

I've gotten to see the Dr. here at Fort Leonard Wood and they say he is right on track. I am measuring right where I should be and his heart rate is great. My blood pressure is amazing as well. Luckily, I never had blood pressure issues with Katelyn either, so cross your fingers that continues. 2.0 continues to be an active lil guy!  I expressed my concern to the doctor that he was head up but thought that he had since flipped. She said they would take a look. So she brought in the ultrasound machine and looked and sure enough - head down! Praise the Lord! If he happens to flip, they would be willing to try the version before going straight to a c-section as the option. I was very happy to hear that! Stay tuned for one more month!!! So excited to meet our lil guy!!
35 Weeks, 2 Days

Katelyn always wants to be a part of the monthly pictures too!

12 January 2012

Getting Ready for Baby Brother

I finally got my serger up and running so I've been making burp clothes, shirts for the kids to wear when Katelyn comes to the hospital to meet her baby brother for the first time and peepee tepees. Not sure how much or how well the tepees will work but they were fun to make so we'll give them a whirl. I know we're bound to be baptized many times but that is just the joy of a boy. 

 And doing anything productive in the baby's room with Katelyn in tow is almost next to impossible! She is so excited and anxious for baby to get here she wants to help with everything and dig all the gear out.
She was lining up all the bottles while I was trying to get them in the dish washer.
Helping wash bottles
I'm just as anxious for the lil guy to get here too. I'm not sure Katelyn really knows what she's in for. She may ask to put him back! There is no way she can really have any idea of how much her life is about to change. I'm sure she also thinks he's NEVER going to get here. We've only been talking about him forever! Well hopefully she isn't far from meeting him!!

Snow Angels

We got our first snow since living in our new place. It was so nice because Jack was still off so he didn't have to drive with the crazies. The woods behind our house were beautiful with all the trees covered in snow. Katelyn enjoyed making snow angels but it was REALLY cold out so she didn't last too long and was especially ready to come inside after she slipped on the ice.

08 January 2012

Playing at the Park

 We took advantage of a nicer winter day and went to the park. Everyone was tired of seeing and unpacking boxes! Katelyn and Daddy had already experienced this park but wanted to show Mommy how cool it was. The coolest part is that it's right next to the river and she got to skip rocks.

Peek A Boo!!
She's such a big girl now and can do most things at the park on her own - at least that's what she thinks, but good thing Daddy is always close by to prevent a fall.
I couldn't believe that she was willing to do this on her own!
She closed her eyes because the last time she went face first into the sand. No fear, Daddy was there to catch this time!

Doing Underdogs with Daddy!

Skipping Rocks

 This winter has been unbelievably mild. I'm afraid we are still in for it though. March might be a cold month. Time will tell!! Either way, I'm sure we'll have many more fun days at the park!

02 January 2012

Driving the tractor

 Katelyn is in love with tractors right now and as luck would have it her Pops has a tractor. So she was a lucky girl and got to drive the tractor with Daddy when we were there over Christmas. She was in Heaven!!!
Climb aboard!!
"Come on Daddy - let's get this thing movin!"

Off they go!

You can't see very well, but Katelyn is actually driving it. She thought she was some big stuff!

They drove for quite a while and I'm not sure she was even ready to stop when Daddy said "all done."
I'm sure this will be the first of many tractor rides. She'll have to go to Grammie and Pops' house over the summer when Pops is mowing all the grass and she can ride for hours and hours and hours!