28 December 2009

First Christmas

We spent Christmas in KS this year and it was VERY cold and snowy. Katelyn got to see her first snowfall. I must say this was probably one of the coldest Christmas' with snow drifts higher than I've ever seen. Christmas was great but would have been perfect if Jack could have been with us. We can't wait for next Christmas.

Katelyn didn't quite know what to do. It was about 9 degrees with the wind chill so she didn't get to play for long, it was too darn cold!

Katelyn was excited to start opening!

She did open some of her presents. She would often start and then decide she would rather play with the last toy that she opened. I'm sure she'll have it figured out by next year....watch out she'll be an opening machine!

We wish we could have been with the other side over Christmas too but we can't wait to see you all in January! I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!

Bring on 2010~!~!

22 December 2009

Go Wildcats!

We are so excited that the Kansas State Wildcats are ranked #12 right now! I am definitely enjoying being able to watch the games on TV....we don't get to see many games in GA. I guess they think there aren't many K-State fans down there! hah

Katelyn helps cheer them on too!

Now if we can just beat the Jayhawks, the season will be complete!

12 December 2009


While we were at Jack's parents house, I picked up a picture of Jack while he was at West Point and said "dadda!" Katelyn always gets a big smile when I say "dadda." She immediately grabbed the frame and tried to kiss it. It was sooo cute! I would be sooo happy if she said daddy first!

Katelyn misses you daddy!!! We can't wait until R&R comes!!!

Busy week!

Katelyn and I spent the last week in MO visiting Jack's family. We had a great time with his mom, dad, sister and niece! Katelyn and her cousin, Sadie seemed to have fun together, as much fun as a 7 month and 14 month old can have together! Sadie was such a good older cousin and patted Katelyn so gently and never once tried to pull out her paci, poke eyes, or bite! Thata girl!!

All bundled up for the cold...but it wasn't as cold as it was in KS.

Our girl is already 7 months old!?! Where did the last 7 months go??

Katelyn and Sadie in their Christmas dresses before we got to sit on Santa's lap. Katelyn surprised the heck out of me....she didn't even cry or act scared when she sat on Santa's lap!!

All the girls!

The girls playing SOOO good together! It will be so much fun when they get a little older; I can't wait!

It was great seeing everyone and we look forward to our next visit!!