11 July 2013

Need a Ride?

Or perhaps your yard mowed?? Well, if that's the case, I have just the boy for you!

He has figured out how to make the cozy coupe go. It is so cute watching his little feet Fred Flintstone-it. I giggle every time he gets into the thing!

And look at this cute driver...I could stare into those baby blues all day long!

 And if you need your yard mowed, he can provide those services too :) This boy loves his lawn mower!!! ANd he could care less if there are bubbles coming out or not.

Geez, I love this little guy and all his quirkiness (Which I'm sure he gets all of from his father :) )

07 July 2013

Water Balloon Fun

Katelyn loves water balloons and is always asking if we can play with water balloons. I, too, think they are fun, but they are just so much work (for the adult, that is). The filling up and picking up on the little pieces afterwards stinks.

Love her reaction!

Watch out Daddy!

Will even threw....er...dropped them.

Love his face! He's working so hard!

All out of balloons and now to pick up all the little itty bitty pieces!

05 July 2013

Monsters University

I took Katelyn to her first movie at the theater. She was very excited and jabbered the entire 20 minute car ride. She was wondering how big the tv screen was going to be and was it going to be too big. She was cracking me up! The thoughts of an innocent 4 year old!

Mommy and Katelyn waiting for the show to begin!

Since this was her first show, we got popcorn and a slushy.

And after! She loved it, although, I'm pretty sure a lot of the movie went right over her head! I thought it was cute though :) It's always nice when there is a movie that can be entertaining for a 4 year old and a 30 year old!

04 July 2013

4th of July

Fourth of July photo shoot

 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays because I love all the patriotism that comes out! I love all the red/white/blue and all the cute little outfits for the kiddos. I have trouble restraining myself and not buying every single patriotic one I see!

I wanted to take pictures of the kids in their adorable outfits, but as you can probably guess, one child was not too cooperative! I'll let you guess by looking at the pictures which child I'm talking about.

So here they are ----

She is such a little poser! Ahhh she kills me!

A little bummed that this was the only picture that turned out of the 2 of them, but I suppose 1 picture is better than nothing.

I had hoped that Will would sit still on the floor, but nope! So the only way I could get him to be still was to plop him up on the chair.

Aren't those outfits adorable!?!?!?

I caught him before he ran off!
Love my patriotic kiddos!