28 April 2010

Walk to Iraq

Post is doing a "Walk to Iraq/Afghanistan" event while most of the post is deployed. We keep track of the miles walked/ran, etc and in total, post has made 11 trips to/from Iraq or 5.5 round trips! That's a lot of miles!! We had a walk on Saturday morning and the weather decided to interfere; we still got our ribbons up on the trees though.

CPT J, there's one for you in there somewhere!!
We are so proud of you and can't wait for this "downhill stretch" to fly by!! :)

And Jack - Here are your 2 favorite girls :)
We love and miss you!!

26 April 2010

On the Go

Katelyn is figuring out the walking thing, slowly but surely. I didn't think she would have it figured out by her birthday but I think she is going to be very close. She has a 10 days to figure it out! Can you believe it...10 more days...but that's another post!

Align Center(She was going for a bit but my the time I got the camera, down she went!
Don't worry, I'm sure there will be more to come!)

And just for fun! :)

17 April 2010

Daddy doll

I just love watching Katelyn sleep; she looks so peaceful. Tonight when I went to look in at her, she had her "daddy" doll all curled up with her. There have been many nights when I find her close to "him." She really misses her daddy and can't wait for him to get home!


Meals have become quite messy!

07 April 2010

Fun in the Sand

I filled Katelyn's sand box with sand today and she seemed to enjoy it. I'm sure she ingested plenty but it didn't seem to bother her. A little sand never hurt anyone.

(If you look close you can see the 2 new additions to her mouth! Her top 2 teeth!)

Awww Katelyn how sweet of you.
I love you too!!

06 April 2010

11 Months

Once again, I find myself saying over and over...How?!? How did my little baby get to be so big already!? I don't want to be celebrating her 1st birthday :( I want her to stay my little baby. Even though I am loving every minute of watching her figure out new things, I still think back to when we brought her home from the hospital the first day and thinking that her 1st birthday was an eternity away. That eternity is almost over!

My little photogenic girl is gone.
This one in the pictures doesn't want to sit still long enough for me to get her picture!
She has places to be and things to do!

Katelyn found the plastic container cabinet.
She "blessed" all my containers!

Happy 11 Months Beautiful!!

04 April 2010

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone!
Christ is Risen! He's Risen Indeed!!

We've had a great day so far and are really enjoying our new church family here. We had breakfast on the porch at church and then Easter service. Katelyn played in the nursery for a while until her tiredness got the best of her and then she had just flat had enough of all this Easter stuff!

Ohh, I almost forgot....The Easter Bunny made a stop at our house last night and dropped off some little presents for Katelyn. Next year I heard he is planning on hiding them so she'll have to do a little hunt, but she wasn't ready for the hunt this year!

"You mean the Easter Bunny brought these for me?!? WOW!"

Tearing into it.
She's definitely mastered the art of ripping things!

"Thanks Easter Bunny!
My very first Bible and it has a handle!!"

"Mom, enough of the pictures already.
Can we just get a move on we don't want to be late?!"

After church

Katelyn and her friend Danny
Danny's dad is stationed here as well and is currently deployed. I met his mom in church and she went to K-State, graduated the same year I did, went to high school in Wichita, and also graduated HS the same year as me and Katelyn and Danny are born a month apart! Small world!! I never would have thought I would run into someone from K-State here - and especially sit next to them at church! Crazy!

03 April 2010

Easter Egg Hunt

Katelyn and I went with some friends to a local Easter Egg Hunt today. The weather actually cooperated. There were SO many people there and supposedly ~25,000 eggs. There were eggs laying everywhere but at least they divided up the kiddos by age. Katelyn didn't quite know what to do. I sat her on the grass and she reached over to get an egg and then was content playing with that egg. She enjoyed taking her eggs out of her basket and then trying to eat the candy in it's wrapper still!

I can't wait until next year when she'll be even more mobile and Jack can chase after her :)

"Mommy, there's some good stuff in here!"

Taking her eggs back out of her basket...I guess she wanted the other kids to get a few more! ha

She knew there was some sweet stuff in there and if only the she could get the wrappers off!

And finally......

A Mommy and Katelyn picture!!!! These don't happen too often around here anymore!

I hope everyone has a great Easter tomorrow!

01 April 2010

Military Child Month

April is the Month of the Military Child and the Child Development Center that Katelyn goes to has lots of activities planned. Today they kicked off the month with a parade involving all the kids at the centers (lots of little ones with color coordinating t-shirts), high school marching band and JROTC, and several speakers including the current General on post.

Katelyn participated in the parade today and rode it out in the buggy. They were all so darn cute riding around in the buggy. (There are no pictures from the parade because in the flurry of getting ready this morning, I forgot the camera. Bad mom, I know!)

Such a cute military child!

It got pretty warm here today
so it was time to break out the shorts.
Man I wish I had cute little legs like that!

If you know a Military Child give them a hug and thank them for being so tough! It's just as hard being a military child as a military spouse!

P.S. Katelyn is doing stellar at the CDC....we have come so far in the last month! When I dropped her off a month ago, she would cry the whole time. Now she plays and today she even at lunch there!!!! :) So proud of my baby girl! (I won't be able to call her that for much longer!)