31 October 2012

{Randomness} October

 October Randomness!!!!

October 5, 2012 - WHEEEEEE!

October 5, 2012 - Will's wondering what the heck she is doing!

October 12, 2012 - Brotherly/Sisterly Love!

October 15, 2012 - The free camo diapers we got from the ASYMCA. They have little "pockets" on the butt!
October 16, 2012 - Look closely, there's a little white tooth  popping up!!

My latest Pinterest creation

October 19, 2012 - Katelyn sporting her leg warmers. Man they are so much cuter than they used to be!!

October 20, 2012 - Practicing riding her scooter and enjoying the GORGEOUS weather. It doesn't really feel like Fall - it's WAY too warm!

October 20, 2012 - The beautiful fall leaves in our backyard!

October 20, 2012 - 2 of the cutest cheerleaders cheering KState onto a 55-14 smashing against West Virginia!!

October 23, 2012 - This is one of the first times that Will has taken a big boy bath and the first time I've thrown them both in together. It was much easier than I thought and probably something that will happen much more often, especially on nights that Jack is gone. They both had fun and Will had a blast exploring and playing with the toys.
October 23, 2012 - Halloween Glow in the Dark Jammies! Katelyn was pretty excited about her "Bone" jammies and that they glowed. She really wanted me to get a picture of them glowing, but they don't glow bright enough to show up in the picture. When I put Will in his bed for the night, he definitely glowed! Notice the candy corns on Will's in the belly area! haha!

October 25, 2012 - Katelyn brought this home from school today! I couldn't believe how well she wrote her name ALL.BY.HERSELF! She just looked at her name tag on her desk and copied it. I mentioned something to her teacher about how I was impressed how they'd gotten her to write her name already and they said that it was all her doing. They never told the kids to write it. And they had been putting little dots in the shape of the kids' names for them to trace, but it doesn't look like Katelyn will be needing that anymore. This was a proud Momma moment!! I was so proud of her!!
October 26, 2012 - Daddy came home from being gone a week. Jack laid on the floor and Will immediately crawled over to him and wanted to play. It won't be long and they'll be rolling around on the floor and I'll be saying..."Someone's going to get hurt!"
October 26, 2012 - Katelyn practicing her "Overflips" that she has been doing in Gymnastics. (Really just somersaults but that's what she calls them.)

October 26, 2012 - Where's Will???? Will was all ready for bed but decided he wasn't ready to go there yet. So he got down to play. They sure can make a mess out of those toys during the day - just the way Will likes them. If they are too picked up he can't find things to play with, so they just lay out on the floor until both kiddos are in bed.

October 27, 2012 - "Oh were you playing on here?," said Will.
October 27, 2012 - I've always said not to play with food, but how do you tell her no when she's making her letters out of her grapes??? She has learned so much in the almost 2 months of preschool!

October 29, 2012 - Preschool art from the last couple weeks.

October 29, 2012 - It's pretty chilly in the morning when we take Katelyn to school, so it's time to break out the hats. Isn't this the cutest sock monkey you've ever seen?!? He isn't so fond of it and most of the time gets it off by the time we are to where we're going. It's so funny, because you can hear him in this carseat really working to get it off. He'll get used to it before long though!

Halloween 2012

Happy Halloween everyone! We hope you had a great day and had beautiful weather just like we did. It was just perfect trick or treating weather, not too cold and not too hot!

Katelyn had a Fall Party today at school. They weren't allowed to wear their costumes, but the teachers wanted them to make these cute little spider web shirts and surprisingly.....all the kids made one! They watched "It's a Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown," made popcorn balls, ate fruit and cupcakes. And then the teacher surprised them by taking them upstairs to bounce in the bounce house that was set up for the Fall Festival at the church tonight. Katelyn was so hyped up and of course didn't want to leave the bounce house. She didn't eat lunch til about mid afternoon because she ate so much "stuff" in the morning.  And let's not forget Will.......well he's just sporting his "Mommy's Little Pumpkin" shirt as his Halloween shirt!

And now, after a morning of sugar, sugar and fun, it was time to go around and get MORE candy! She was so excited to go Trick Or Treating - 6:00 couldn't get here soon enough!

Here's Minnie Mouse and her Monkey sidekick

I'm pretty sure that he is thinking "What the hell am I wearing and WHY!?"

"Let's go Mom!"

Being a big girl at the door. She did pretty well by herself, but had a little trouble reaching some of the door bells.

Trick or Treat!!

"Why in the world are we going up to these doors and saying Trick or Treat?!"
Oh watch out next year....the fun is just beginning! Katelyn will have to show him the ropes and what he's supposed to do. Our neighborhood is pretty hill-y so it was a nice workout. Jack carried Will for a while and then he rode the rest in the stroller. Will and I went around with Katelyn and Jack for a while and then came home to pass out candy and they continued on. Katelyn was kind of bummed when we decided to head home; I think she was beyond tired but didn't want to admit it! They trick or treated a while more and she came home with a pumpkin full of candy.

About every 2-3 houses had their lights on, so it wasn't the best ratio. I remember as a kid, that EVERY house would have their light on.

The number of people that drove their car through the neighborhood dropping their kids off at a house with the lights on was appalling! If you can't trick or treat by walking then you clearly don't need that candy! (Not that I need the candy and we walked!) LAZY!! I understand if you live out in the boonies and have to drive in to a town to go to a neighborhood....that is completely fine, but then walk! And it wasn't cold, so that shouldn't have been an excuse. UGH! Not to mention that these people were lazy, it was also dangerous....there were kids EVERYWHERE and then these bozos trying to drive in between everyone just to get more candy. Go to Walmart today and just buy it for 50% off if you need/want it that bad! Ok---rant is over!

We had a great Halloween and busy month of October! I am ready for it to slow down a bit, but I don't think that will happen too much before Christmas. We have something every weekend in November and then December always flies by....man I better get busy with the Christmas shopping!

30 October 2012

Visit the Dentist

Katelyn had her first trip to the Dentist! She was so excited to go and asked as soon as I picked her up from school if it was her turn to go to the dentist. So I had to tell her that they were closed for lunch because she just wouldn't give it up and then all afternoon until our 3:00 appt she kept asking and asking. I sure hope this excitement for going to the dentist continues because it's my LEAST favorite place! She was also excited to get to pick something from the prize box. (I was crossing my fingers that they had a prize box.) So finally the time rolled around; Jack came home early from work to watch Will and off we headed to the Dentist. I had used the same place when we were here 4 years ago.

Of course the minute we walked into the office, the receptionist were making over how cute she was and such. She waited quite impatiently and finally they called her name. It was the end of the day and I think we were the last patients of the day because 3 hygienists were arguing over who was going to get to clean Katelyn's teeth! When I made the appointment, the receptionist told me that they don't normally see the little ones until they are 4, but I just wanted them to look around and make sure she was doing ok. So when they put her up in the chair they said they were going to take pictures and get her all cleaned up, I was really surprised.

She sat so good for the pictures and then said that I could go get my teeth cleaned she didn't need me to sit there with her. (I asked her if it was ok) Gosh! My little girl is growing up....already not needing her Momma! So of course they finished with her teeth before mine and brought her down to me. They said she looked great and that she was better than lots of adults! They gave her a little bag with a toothbrush, paste and floss and then she got to pick something out of the prize box! She picked a yellow necklace and the receptionist said that since she had done so well she should get the matching bracelet to go with it. Maybe they don't get many little ones....who knows!

Then when she came home and gave Daddy the report of how well she had done, he agreed that she should get to go to Walmart and pick out a new toy. Soooo off we went and she came home with the Princess Polly pockets Sleeping Beauty carriage that she had been oooo and ahhing  over since we bought it for her cousin for her birthday. (Guess we can cross that off her Xmas list!)

I was so proud of my lil Big girl! I hope we can keep the dentist a positive experience for a few more years!

28 October 2012

Let's Go Wildcats!! EMAW!!

 Our #2 KState Wildcats are on fire right now!! We are supporting them hard core here.
(Mommy dressed the kids this morning so Daddy didn't get a chance to dress them in Army gear!) 

I think these are 2 of the cutest supporters out there...I know I'm kind of biased ;)!!

We're bleeding purple over here! 
Maybe if Army would start winning we'd have a little black and gold too.

Let's Go Cats!!! EMAW!!!!!

27 October 2012

Pumpkin Carving

I just love fall and all the fun activities associated with it!!! I feel like the blog is full of activity because we've had to many fun things to do and talk about! We got 2 big pumpkins at the pumpkin patch so it was time to carve them up! The kids aren't really much help with this yet. Katelyn COULD help with the "de-gutting" of the pumpkins, but ewwww it's so slimy and gross, we wouldn't want to touch it! They cut open a pumpkin at school and the kids could touch the insides and I asked her if she touched it and she said "YES....the outside." HA!

We put a "K" on one last year so I didn't want to do initials again this year, and since the Wildcats are unstoppable I decided to put a powercat on one of them and Jack put the Army "A" on the other one.

The powercat turned out pretty well for having a crying, squirming baby in my lap for most of it. Heaven forbid everyone cooperate throughout this.

Ready to carve the pumpkins!

Here is Katelyn NOT helping clean out the inside

But Will was not the least bit scared. He was squeezing and flinging it ALL over the place!! We'll see what next year brings; it might be a whole new story!

And here's Katelyn......Well, she wouldn't touch it unless I bribed her! Crazy kid!

And then after that touch, she wouldn't touch it anymore.

The finished product!

Aglow on the front porch!

25 October 2012

Leaves, Leaves Everywhere!!

 We don't have any trees in our yard, at least none that you can get to, so we went to the Waynesville Park and jumped in the leaves. Katelyn was really excited and couldn't wait to get there. When Katelyn was about 6 months old, I sat her in a pile of leaves and snapped a few pictures, so I wanted to do the same with Will. He wasn't too thrilled, but there are still some good pictures of him!

***Click on the picture to enlarge***

24 October 2012

Halloween Party

 The Pippin Youth Center on post had a Halloween Party and costume contest for the little ones 5 and under. Jack was gone this week, but I thought that Katelyn would enjoy it so we headed out. The place was PACKED and we did a lot of standing in line. It probably wasn't worth it, but oh well, live and learn.

face painting

Monkey buddies....David and Will

Waiting in line with Liam to get in the bounce house
 Then there was the costume contest. The broke the contest down by years and gender. Finally it was time for the 3 year old girls. Katelyn didn't quite understand that only 1 person could win the contest, so when the mermaid got the prize and the rest of the girls got books, Katelyn was a bit confused and upset. Thankfully, we were done and ready to leave, because she was quite upset and cried on the way to the car wondering what she needed to do to make her costume better so she could win. I tried to explain that only 1 person could win and that everyone had great costumes, but the judges just thought the mermaid one was really neat. Needless to say, she wasn't buying it. UGH! She'll learn.......that's life!
Costume contest!

The mermaid on the end won.
So after hauling 2 crying kids back to the car in the dark (Will was hot and didn't feel that great), I realized, that we probably should have just stayed home!  So much for me trying to be the ambitious Mom - it backfired!  You win some and you lose some.