18 February 2010

Pictures from the past week

Since I'm behind on sending out pictures....here's some from the last 2 weeks!

I'm a big girl now!

What a mess!

Pull those pants up girl!

Katelyn loving on Daddy!


This post is a little behind but we've been busy the last week. But here is proof that we had snow, look very closely......

Jack and I found it rather amusing at how this area dealt with what they were calling "Winter Storm 2010." They were calling for 1-3 inches of snow; however it had been 40+ degrees all week and it was above freezing when it was snowing so not much stuck-only on the vehicles and very little in the grass. Organizations and sports were canceling events and games left and right for the day of the snow and the following day. Savannah was all prepared for the "treacherous" roads by stocking up on sand and I'm guessing there plan was to stand on the back of flat bed trucks and shovel it onto the road (?) Quite a sight I'm sure! Ft. Stewart dumped piles of sand at the stop lights and I'm sure it's still there today! It had completely stopped snowing by the time we went to bed and of course it was all melted by morning. The kids in our neighborhood were out running around when it was snowing and probably hoping for inches.....I'm sure most of them had never seen snow before. Kind of sad!

So anyways...here's a picture!

Crazy Hair

14 February 2010

Digital Scrapbooking - 1st Month

After seeing Michele's digital scrapbooking she did for her daughter, I got inspired! I got Adobe Photoshop for Christmas and have put it to good use (Well after some frustrating moments). If you aren't familiar with this program, you have to have a computer science or graphic design degree to run the crazy thing! Thanks to my patient husband for help with the program and also for letting me sit on the computer in the evening after Katelyn is in bed!! :)

I have only gotten to the end of Katelyn's 1st month, but hope to keep plugging away at it. Who knows how much I'll be able to get done once my help is gone, but my goal is to be to her 6 month mark by her 1st birthday (2.5 more months by the way!)

I think I'm officially addicted! I never thought I'd call myself a scrapbooker, but I might be there. ENJOY and Happy Valentine's Day!

08 February 2010

9 months

Katelyn was 9 months old on Saturday. I say the same thing everyone other mom says...."already?!? Where have the last 9 months gone to??"

She is crawling like crazy and getting into things. I am loving this stage though; she is definitely much happier with her new found freedom. Although, she still likes to hang on mommy! I guess she'll always be a mommy's girl. She has started to pull up to things. She hasn't taken too many steps around things but I think this is just around the "corner." She has said "mama" and is starting to babble "dadda." She is still a pretty good eater and starting to pick up little pieces of food herself. Ohh the progress in one short month, it really is amazing to me!

On a sour not, She has regressed in the sleeping department but I'm hoping that we can fix that sooner rather than later! We have had lots of transitioning going on lately so I'm sure that isn't helping matters any.

We didn't have a 9 month doctors appt so here are her rough stats from home:
28.25 inches

Her monthly photos are getting more difficult to take. She is more interested in the number that is hanging over her head than paying attention to the camera - unusual huh?!

We are enjoying being back "home" but really miss our family in KS and MO. Hopefully we'll make it back again this summer!

07 February 2010


Jack arrived in Savannah for his 2 weeks of R&R on Friday. It was a long trip and of course had many bumps along the way, but nonetheless he is HOME! Katelyn wasn't so sure of daddy at first but warmed up to him very quickly! They are having a great time playing together!

A happy complete family at last!!

Katelyn loves when Daddy gives her rides on his shoulders! She can be upset and he puts her up on his shoulders and she's suddenly in a good mood!