09 March 2009

Jack's Knack for babies

This past weekend we had a garage sale with our friends Laura Leigh and Ben. While the girls were outside wheelin' and dealin', the guys were inside hanging out. Jack and Reed were hanging out in the chair and Reed fell asleep right in his lap. He usually doesn't fall asleep in that position but somehow Jack managed it. I guess he has a knack for putting babies to sleep. We'll be sure to put his skill to test in a couple of months! He already has a way of calming our baby when he's kicking a lot....all he does is put his hand on my belly and he calms right now. I hope this skill stays around for those middle of the night episodes! I'll just hand the baby right to daddy :)


Steph said...

Awww, Reed is getting so big!

LauraLeighRitter said...

Awwwe! So cute! Jack can put Reed to sleep anytime! I'll bring him over when his mouth hurts!!! haha!