08 October 2009

On a Roll

2 days ago Katelyn figured out how to roll from her back to her tummy. I was all excited!! She has been sleeping on her side at night and this has seemed to be working much better and we are all getting more sleep. So now that she can roll over, guess what?!? Sleeping on her side must be overrated, it's way more fun to roll over in her crib....except---she doesn't want to be on her tummy to sleep! Last night it didn't matter where we put her in the crib or what position we laid her in, she would find a way to roll over. I was so hopeful that once she figured out how to roll over she would sleep better at night since all of our friends' little ones love sleeping on their tummy and that was the missing link for them. Well of course, Katelyn MUST not be that easy! She wants to give us one more thing to try to figure out.

AHHHH baby girl......just find a position and sleep! It's going to be just us for a while and I know one person who needs some sleep! So for now, I'm holding out hope that when she figures out how to roll both ways, she'll find a way that she thinks is comfy and crash! Something has to work sooner or later, right?!

"Now, how do I get back the other way?"

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Joann said...

She looks so cute. How is the sleeping going now?