12 December 2009

Busy week!

Katelyn and I spent the last week in MO visiting Jack's family. We had a great time with his mom, dad, sister and niece! Katelyn and her cousin, Sadie seemed to have fun together, as much fun as a 7 month and 14 month old can have together! Sadie was such a good older cousin and patted Katelyn so gently and never once tried to pull out her paci, poke eyes, or bite! Thata girl!!

All bundled up for the cold...but it wasn't as cold as it was in KS.

Our girl is already 7 months old!?! Where did the last 7 months go??

Katelyn and Sadie in their Christmas dresses before we got to sit on Santa's lap. Katelyn surprised the heck out of me....she didn't even cry or act scared when she sat on Santa's lap!!

All the girls!

The girls playing SOOO good together! It will be so much fun when they get a little older; I can't wait!

It was great seeing everyone and we look forward to our next visit!!

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