20 November 2010

Great Smokey Mountains National Park

A week ago we went to the Great Smokey Mountains for a couple days. It is considered "Off Season" now, so we got a condo for a great price....2 bedroom, 2 bath, full kitchen, washer/dryer...you get the gist. It was wonderful and worked great - everyone got a full night sleep because we all weren't sharing a room!

We enjoyed the great views the park had to offer for a 2 days and could have spent many more there and still probably not seen it all. The trees were beautiful and the weather was perfect!

Katelyn enjoying the freedom of not being strapped into her car seat anymore!

This cross was right behind our condo.
There was no church anywhere near, just this lone cross up on the top of the hill.

Getting ready to hike up to Rainbow Falls.
We made it about 1.5 miles up before I was spent as well as Katelyn.
Next time we think we are going to hike 2.7 miles up a mountain,
I should do a little conditioning beforehand.
This lady is OUT OF SHAPE!

Picnic lunch in the bed of the truck.
It was a great way to keep Katelyn contained and
she loves running around the bed of Daddy's truck.

Isn't this beautiful?!?

And it had snowed earlier in the week!!

Katelyn enjoyed playing in the snow.
She was too little last winter to know or remember what snow was.
Hopefully we'll have some snow when we are back for Christmas!

Getting ready to walk up to Clingman's Dome

At the highest point in the park (6300 ft. +)

One of the beautiful sunsets

We hiked 1.3 miles up to Laurel Falls.
This was a much easier hike!!
Both Katelyn and I made it without trouble :)

Katelyn loved putting her hands in the FREEZING cold water.
I think she would have jumped right in if I'd of let her!

Cades Cove

An old Mill that the people of Cades Cove used

We had a great time, a great traveler and caught up on being a family again!

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Steph said...

looks beautiful!! what a great way to spend your family vacation!