24 May 2011

Katelyn's 2nd 2nd Birthday Party!

Since Papa and Grandma W and Uncle Matt weren't here for Katelyn's 1st party, we had a 2nd 2nd birthday party! haha They came to visit for a week and we had a lot of fun and of course that week FLEW by! We didn't have to do too much; Katelyn was pretty much all the entertainment we needed! Unfortunately Jack got stuck working most of the weekend and late some of the nights and the weather was on the cooler side (no complaints here!) so we weren't able to go to the beach, but we did go to the Tree House on post, park, played outside in the beautiful weather, took Katelyn to get her first haircut and a trip to Savannah to The Lady and Sons Restaurant! Most importantly, it was just fun to be together. We hadn't seen them since Christmas! TOO LONG!

Baking brownies with Grandma

Singing "Happy Birthday".
She made some funny faces this time again.

Present time AGAIN!
She loves this little foldable lawn chair! It's just her size!
She is also becoming quite a puzzle lover and has almost mastered the jigsaw puzzles she got!

Chilling with Uncle!

We ate at Paula Deen's restaurant - The Lady and Sons

Jack and Uncle giving the car a "tune up"

And look how dirty she was after playing outside!
She was DEFINITELY in need of a good scrubbing!

What a great week!
Who wants to come visit next!?!

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