03 July 2013


We promised Katelyn that once we got moved and a little settled we'd visit LegoLand. It was something I kept dangling over her throughout all the chaos and as a little thank you for being such a good girl (most of the time) while we were packing and unpacking. Soooo....since we've been here a couple of weeks, I figured it was time we follow through on our promise!

About to enter the chaos!
We entered the Lego factory first!

This Legoland is no where near as big as the ones on the coasts, but alas, we are in Kansas. It has 2 rides - this one where you ride through and shoot at things and then another one that you have to peddle to make the little cart go up and down. 
Daddy and Katelyn doing the first ride. Mommy stayed with Will.

And here they are on the second ride. Fortunately, she could ride the second one as much as she wanted and she did ride it plenty. Good thing Jack was with her or she'd have never gotten it off the ground.


Even Will tried to build
 There was a large indoor play area with tunnels, ball pits, etc. It was like a large McDonald's play place. Katelyn had fun climbing around! Will just watched from the stroller.

Katelyn enjoyed the area where you are able to build a car or some form of a car and let it go down ramps and race them against other peoples creations.
Daddy and Katelyn trying to build the perfect Lego car.

And there it goes!

Katelyn doing it herself

Hers weren't always the best built, but she sure had a good time building.

Will wasn't too interested in building cars to race......at least not on this trip.

Look at that mongoose that she built!
Will was trying to not fall in the duplo pit - I think he was trying to get the one in the center!

Notice the older kids' contraptions and then look at hers haha!

Cute lil boy riding a Lego dog.
 And then there was an area with HUGE legos! They were almost as big as Will!

Lego giraffe


They made a throne to sit on (with the help of Daddy)

Don't be fooled - he didn't go down the slide. He was trying to climb up the slide.
 At the end, there was a large area with scenes/buildings/areas from around Kansas City that were made entirely out of Legos. It was pretty impressive!
Wizard of Oz

Royals stadium

Kansas Speedway

The kids had fun! It wasn't quite what I was thinking it would be but oh well. We did it and can mark that off our list of KC fun.

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