02 July 2013

"Old" Friends

Since moving to Leavenworth a couple weeks ago, we've gotten to reunite with several "old" friends and of course make lots of new friends. The Pritchard's just got into town and Justin and Jack will be starting the same course together in a few weeks. We met the Pritchard's when we lived on post at Ft. Leonard Wood, MO back in 2008 when Jack was there for the Captain's Career Course. They actually lived down the street from us and had their oldest daughter (Joelle) when we were there. It's hard to believe since then that we have had 2 children and they have 3. It was so fun catching up and watching the kids play and interact. The girls had a blast! I think this next year is going to be a blast!!! Especially if it means catching up with more "old" friends!

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