15 January 2009

The move to Georgia

We left Ft. Leonard Wood on Monday January 5 after a weekend of packing and loading the trailer. We had lots of help from friends and Erin's family which made the weekend much smoother!We made a stop at Ft. Campbell, KY to see some friends. During the trip, the temperature was not much above freezing. When we started unpacking the trailer in GA on Thursday morning it was in the mid 60s and got up into the 70s. Who would have thought that moving in January would bring good weather?!

With the help of Jack's parents, the trailer full our of entire house was unloaded in a mere 4 hours. They were booking it! We started the unpacking process and are almost completely unpacked. Our house here is wonderful and MUCH more roomie than our double wide in MO.

This has become a tradition for our moving day.....Jack and his dad hanging out in the living room on the floor the night we arrive at the new place. We have the same pose when we arrived at Ft. Leonard Wood a year ago.

Jack is proving that the tub is too small for him-but what tub will fit a 6'4" person??
We were told that when we arrived the water would be turned on. Well when we got there, no water. So we bought water by the gallon and made it through the night. (Hence the water jug sitting behind Jack.)

23 Weeks
And all along the way, Baby J was growing like crazy! It's amazing how much a matter of a week can make at this point in the pregnancy!
And here is Baby J in GA - 24 Weeks.
For those who haven't heard, we had our ultrasound on Dec. 30 and the baby measured a week ahead of schedule. So the new due date is now May 4. Baby has started kicking like crazy but doesn't seem to want to show daddy how hard the kicks can be. Whenever daddy puts his hand on mommy's belly, the kicks suddenly stop!

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S. Welsh said...

Your house looks really nice, and love the belly pics. We'll miss you!