30 May 2009

Savannah and the Ocean

Katelyn met her Grandpa Winter and Uncle Matt for the first time last week. Grandma, Grandpa and Uncle Matt made their first trip to GA. Katelyn made her first trip to Savannah and to the ocean, although she slept through almost all of it! No complaints here!

Uncle Matt looked like a pro. Katelyn even had her first major spit up all over his shirt. She was just showing him how much she loved him!!

We sure enjoyed having the Johannes' and the Winter's come visit and meet Katelyn. All of your help was so great and those naps I got were wonderful!

At Forsyth Park in Downtown Savannah

On her way to the ocean and she doesn't even know it!

Katelyn seems to be growing more and more everyday. Some of her accomplishments this week include: sleeping in her crib, sleeping for 4 hours at night before waking up to eat and going back to sleep, and drinking out of a bottle (she doesn't even mind it cold!!) It seems so hard to believe that our little baby is almost a month old!! Where does time go?!?

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Steph said...

Looks like fun, way to go Katelyn on your accomplishments!