30 May 2009

Our 3 week old can color!

Katelyn put her first kid's menu and crayons to good use!

I guess when you tell the hostess you need a sling for the carrier they also think the baby needs a menu and crayons...or at least the hostess at Chili's thinks this!


Beth Pritchard said...

That is so cute! And the crayons and menus will continue to come unless a) the hostess/host is smart enough to know your child is too small or b) you tell them to not bother. The problem I'm having now is that Joelle can eat off the kids menu, but she tends to eat off the crayons too! Blech! We're learning more and more that crayons are for coloring and food is for eating.

Joann said...

I knew Katelyn was highly intelligent. Wow, already coloring! The pictures are adorable. Soon she will want to be in the ocean instead of napping.