31 August 2009


Katelyn got her first taste of rice cereal last night. It didn't go over as well as I had hoped but when we fed her, she was utterly exhausted and just wanted to take a bath and go to bed. She actually cried because she just wasn't having it. I tried again this morning when she wasn't so tired and she did well. She seemed to get better and better the more I fed her....she's figuring out what to do with her tongue! We'll see if this helps keep her more satisfied in the hunger department. She seems to be eating me out of house and home lately. I guess she's going through a growth spurt!

On another note---Last night Katelyn slept without being swaddled at ALL!!!! She was so tired that she fell asleep while she was eating. She slept for 5.5 hours before getting up to eat. She even slept through a pretty bad thunderstorm. I was so happy that she was sleeping unswaddled that I couldn't sleep myself! I'm hoping tonight will be another good night and she'll just get more and more used to being FREE in her crib. She's seemed to have already found her favorite spot. I guess it's amazing what she can do when she isn't swaddled. Everyone keep your fingers crossed that she's onto something!! (I hesitate to get too excited because she has been known to just kid me!)

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Steph said...

I bet the cereal will help. It has made a WORLD of a difference with Whitney. She's a different baby since she is not so hungry at night anymore. I hold Whitney and lean her back, it helps the cereal to go down the throat and she doesn't push it back out with her tongue. I think Whitney has a few weeks before she has totally mastered the swallowing a spoonful thing!

Katelyn will probably get used to being unswaddled pretty quickly. With a tummy full of cereal at night I'm sure she will be very content!

Isn't it a relief to have it "figured out"?