13 August 2009

In honor of Capt Matt Freeman

Yesterday, Katelyn and I witnessed and participated in what I would call the most patriotic thing I think I have ever seen. It brought tears to almost everyone's eyes. On Friday, Marine Capt. Matt Freeman was killed in Afghanistan. He was 29 years old and married for only 3 weeks. Yesterday his body was flown home to Richmond Hill, GA (a town about 20 miles from where we live) where he will be laid to rest. The town did so much to show their appreciation for Freeman's sacrifice. I didn't know Freeman personally nor did most of the people there but over a 1000 people stopped their activities for the afternoon to show their support. What a great community and it makes me feel so proud to have been a part of it!


Patriot Guard

This was what the sky looked like when Capt Freeman arrived at the funeral home. I'd say someone was looking down on him!

Even Katelyn had her flag!

Yesterday made me realize how life can change so quickly. Never take your loved ones for granted and when you think you've had a bad day realize that it could always be worse-there's a widow out there who will never get to see her husband again.

Thanks to all our troops for the sacrifices they make to keep our country free and I wish that everyone community would be as supportive as this one! To all our troops deploying and preparing to deploy, be safe and hurry home! We will miss you all and know that you are always thought about back home in everything you do!


Joann said...

Very well put, Erin. We all do need to appreciate every day and every loved one.s

Steph said...

I bet that was quite the experience, heartbreaking :(

That cloud picture was neat.