09 September 2009

Our LITTLE girl

Katelyn had her 4 month appt and shots this morning. She didn't like this round anymore than she liked the last ones. Can't say I blame her though.

Here's her stats:
12.2# (19th%)
23.25 inches (16th%)
(I'm not sure about the length; I think she may be a bit longer but that's what the nurse got so we'll go with it. The Dr. said not to worry about the length because sometimes there are errors in measuring.)

So she continues to be our "little" girl. I had someone last week ask if she was almost a month old. What?!?! She doesn't look THAT little! She's just making sure we get lots of use out of her clothes!

Her battle wounds on each leg! ha

After her nap. I think she's already forgotten how pissed she was this morning!!


Steph said...

You are getting lots of use out of your clothes!!! It won't be too much longer and we'll be packing up Whitney's 3-6.

ej236 said...

I'm ready for her to move on to some of her other stuff though. I'm sure we're bound to have a growth spurt at some point.