21 September 2009

Road Warrior

Last week was unfortunately a busy week for our family. Saturday started off great by my parents coming for a visit, but Saturday evening we received a very sad phone call. Jack's dear aunt, Aunt Sissy, passed away unexpectedly. She was such a sweet lady and was taken from us way too early; she will be dearly missed!

Katelyn enjoyed spending time with her Grandpa and Grandma W. She warmed up to them very quickly and had fun showing them all her new tricks :)

We cut our visit short with my parents and headed back to MO for the funeral. This is where our travels for the week began:

Tuesday was a 12 hour day of driving of which Katelyn did quite nicely.

Before the trip to MO was planned we had already made plans to go to a wedding in Washington DC for a friend of Jack's from high school. So on Thursday we headed east. We drove to Lexington, KY (6 hours) and visited Ryan, Ashlaine, Makara, and Kinley. It was our first time meeting 6 week old Kinley and she sure is a cutie! Katelyn will have such a fun time visiting them when she gets old enough to play with the girls. Although she already had a good time playing with Makara; Makara made Katelyn laugh the hardest she has ever laughed!

On Friday, we drove the rest of the way to DC (8 hours). We stayed with Justin, Rachael, and Reagan at Justin's Aunt and Uncle's house. We always have so much fun spending time with them! The wedding was on Saturday morning and then reception followed. Then Saturday night we went on a boat ride down the Potomac River. It was neat seeing the monuments at night.

The weather was beautiful in DC and I wish I could have packed it in my suitcase and brought it back to Georgia. One of these days it will cool down here!

On Sunday we headed back to GA, a 10 hour drive. Katelyn did so well in all of our travels. She really is a road warrior. She has probably already been in more states than I had in the first 2o years of my life!

Katelyn's stats: 16 states, 5100 miles, and 88 hours in the car (not including daily drives).


MICHELE said...

WOW! That is amazing...she has definitely been more places than me! HA! Glad she travels well...the furthest we have been is West Wichita! DC looked beautiful...I have always wanted to go there!!!

Steph said...

16 states!!! She has me and I'm sure most others beat! I can't believe how well she travels, does she sleep most of the time?
Is that your first time to DC? I have never been but would love to go. Relax now that you are at home!!