16 November 2009

Fall or Winter?

The leaves have fallen and today a few flurries fell. The weather in KS is definitely much different that the 70s/80s that we were having in GA. I am definitely enjoying the cooler weather and for once, kind of excited about the first snow. Maybe it's because GA doesn't really have much in the way of season changes. I'm sure when we leave here I will be happy to go back to warmer weather!

Grandpa and Grandma raked some leaves and Katelyn got to sit in them. Next year will be so much more fun because she'll be able to run and jump in them!

After Church yesterday.
Katelyn actually left her shoes on! She probably felt like Dorothy in the "Wizard of Oz."

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Steph said...

Katelyn is going to miss grandma and grandpa when yoy have to leave. very cute pics!