06 November 2009

Half way there!

Katelyn is 6 months old already! I just don't know where the last 6 months have gone to. It feels like I just had her yesterday and she should still be this little newborn.

She is still working on her bottom teeth and I am praying that for both of us, that they come in sooner rather than later! They have really been giving her a hard time. She is rolling over but only from her back to her tummy. She hasn't quite figured out how to go back the other way and has only done it when she has gotten really steamed up! I think she may start crawling before she figures out how to roll back over.

Her 6 month appt with more shots is on Monday so I'll have to report back with her stats then. I'm anxious to see how much she has grown on the scale because I can definitely tell she is growing like a weed! She seems to be getting longer by the day...maybe she's going to take after her daddy!

This was her first week home

Does she even look like the same baby!?!? She is definitely a joy to be around and I'm so lucky to be her mommy and I know her daddy is missing her like crazy and we are missing him too!

We love you Jack and Daddy!

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Joann said...

She looks so cute! I love her outfit. Can't wait to see the stats. Will she be as big as daddy?