10 May 2010

First Birthday!

Katelyn turned 1 last Thursday and it's seemed like a party ever since!

I still can't believe that my baby is 1 already. Before I know it, she's going to be going to school. The time sure does fly. She is learning so much each day and I love seeing what the next day brings. She is officially a "walker" now and enjoying her new mobility. She is slowly becoming a better eater, although we still have some frustrating days. She's still Mommy's "Little" girl. No official stats until the 18th, but she is roughly 18#. Hopefully someday soon she'll pack on enough weight to be able to turn her carseat around! (1 year and 20# is the requirement)

She practiced eating her cake on the night of her birthday, but saved the big one for her party on Saturday.

On Saturday, Katelyn had her birthday party with her friends and Grandpa and Grandma J. She had a blast with her friends and Daddy even got to watch her devour her cake and open a few presents. She seemed to have more fun playing with her friends instead of opening the presents.

Ladybug birthday cake

Baby Bugs

In her birthday girl tutu!

Yummy Yummy!

Daddy watching his birthday girl eat her cake!

Going for a ride in her new wagon! She loves it and also keeps her glasses on while she's riding!

And she loves her cozy coupe from Mommy and Daddy!

Playing with her friends Danny and Emmalyn

We wish that the rest of our family and friends could have been here to help celebrate and we can't wait until Grandpa and Grandma W get here this weekend! Katelyn is loving all the attention she's getting from her Grandparents!

Happy 1st Birthday Beautiful girl!
Mommy and Daddy Love you soooo much!!

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MICHELE said...

ah so fun! You did amazing on those cupcakes. I am SO glad Jack got to be apart of it, thank goodness for technology!
You think you will be able to turn her around before 2? I am not sure these girls will ever pack on the pounds. HA!