22 May 2010

Outdoors Girl

It seems as though Katelyn is going to be an outdoor girl. Just fine by me!! Now that she can walk, she just enjoys walking all around outside picking up rocks, leaves, chasing after dragonflies, and getting dirty. Tonight she was laughing when I was cleaning out the dirt from underneath her fingernails - I'm glad she thinks it's funny because I always hated it when my mom did that to me!

Tonight she walked up to the truck and noticed that she could see herself in the side panels and chrome part of the bumper. She was so excited and would get real close to the truck. She even tried kissing it a couple times...gross I know. And the best part, the whole time she was doing this she kept saying "dadda dadda"...coincidence? Maybe. But so darn cute none the less!!

Mirror Mirror what do you see?
I see Katelyn looking at me!

Go Army!

Practicing her clapping

Such a cute dirty lil face

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