06 August 2010

Just a few happenings from the past weeks

She loved eating corn on the cob and of course had to do it just like Mommy!
She is becoming quite the little Miss Independent!

The big girl eating her blueberries with a fork!

We had a playdate with Michele and Leighton.
Katelyn LOVED the beads and wore them the whole time we were there.
She can be a "girly girl" when she wants!
(And yes, that's a potty chair in the middle of the picture.
They are just So fun to play with. No worries folks - it was brand new.)

And then she can be not so "girly" of a girl!
(She got hosed off before coming in the house that night!)

Helping Grandpa and Grandma dig the shrubs out from the front of the house.
She never let a shovel go idle.

And then everyone has to have a laundry basket picture, right?!

Hope ya'll are keeping cool!
A couple more months and we'll be a family of 3 again living in the same house!

1 comment:

MICHELE said...

That is a great pic of the girls, I love Katelyn smiling away in her beads! Oh, and the potty chair really added to the pic! HA! :) Well, now it has official been broken in, so no more toy. :)