19 August 2010

Pig tails or puppy tails?

What do you call them?
I had never heard of puppy tails until my Mother in Law called them that and since then I've heard it a couple more times. I always called them pig tails growing up.

Anyways, Katelyn had her first set on Tuesday.
You have to look closely in the picture, but they are there!
Cute, whispy pig tails!!
She never bothered them once!

She also got her first pair of cowgirl boots.
She carried them around all morning and then when I put them on her, she didn't want to take them off. They didn't quite match her outfit, but she sure didn't care.

I may be a bit partial, but she was so gosh darn cute with her pigtails and boots!

Jack - I think Katelyn is going to follow in your footsteps with big feet!
All the food she is eating seems to be going straight to her feet. The size 5's are almost too small; lets just hope they stop growing before they reach size 14s!!
Love you!


MICHELE said...

oh so darling! She looks so grown up. I think it is a southern thing to call them dog ears/puppy tails, either way she is a doll and I love those boots!

Steph said...

have NEVER heard of puppy tails, but they are adorable!! Can't wait until whitney has some hair!