06 June 2011

Katelyn's 2 year pictures

We got Katelyn's 2 year pictures taken in May; I'm just late posting like usual!
So....here are the best ones!

We didn't have a 2 year check up for Katelyn - she doesn't need anymore shots until she's 4!! (except the flu shot of course!) So here are her at home stats:

24 pounds (10-25th percentile)
33.5" tall (25-50th percentile)

And P.S. - Don't worry Grandparents and Family, pictures should be arriving to you soon! :)


Joann said...

WOW!!!! Katelyn took some great pictures. She must have loved the photographer.

Can't wait to receive the pics!!

MICHELE said...

what a pretty little girl you have! Can't believe she is two already!