15 June 2011

Jekyll Island

Last weekend we went to Jekyll Island, GA with some friends. We hadn't been to the beach as a family since Katelyn was 3 months old and she hated every second of it then. Not this time! She LOVES water and swimming. She even had more fun with her best buddy Emmalyn.

I'll let the zillion pictures below tell the rest of the story!
(Disclaimer: There were so many cute pictures, I had a difficult time deciding so there are tons posted!
Some of the pictures are rather tiny, so if you'd like to see them larger, just click on the picture.)

Katelyn was asking for her friend Emmalyn the whole way there and apparently Emmalyn cried for Katelyn the whole way too! They were both very happy to get out of the car and see each other!

We got to the beach about 11:30 and the tide was pretty much non existent so the beach was pretty muddy. Of course, that was the first thing the girls found when they got there!

Crawling in the water being "cats!"
They were Meowing as they were crawling too.
Silly girls!

Building "Towers"

Good thing Amy brought watermelon for a snack.
The girls shoveled all of it into their mouth.
I'm not sure what they ate more of...watermelon or Sand!

Jumping down the beach

Finally the tide came in and Katelyn thought the "Big Waves" were cool.

She'll probably hate me for this later, (But it's so funny!!) but she is so skinny that she couldn't keep the bottoms of her swim suit up. At first it was just a bit, but they got loaded down with sand and I was worried that the next time she would run up the beach they would be around her ankles. Good thing I brought another suit, so we just changed out the bottoms for non matching bottoms, but at least they stayed up!

Katelyn and Daddy went for a swim out in the ocean....way far out!

Emmalyn got buried in the sand and Katelyn got buried......part way!

And like I said, she just LOVES the waves! And wanted to always be out there!

It was a great day had by all and something we will be doing again!

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