11 June 2009

Time is Flyin'!!

5 Weeks old and growing everday. She's still in her newborn clothes. I think she'll be in her newborn clothes for a while longer, the next size bigger is huge!
Look how well she can hold her head up!

She likes playing on the floor with daddy. They are watching tv together....although all she can see are the bright colors.
She likes her play gym and looking at the flashing light at the top. She is really starting to focus in on the toys that are hanging down in her face.


The Crowes said...

5 weeks already?? She is holding her head up so well-very impressed! How is the sleeping going? Hopefully very well!!

Christina said...

I can't believe Evie is 5 weeks either! It's fun to see how she develops alongside your Katelyn who is exactly the same age (minus a day). I will say that Katelyn has her beat on the neck strength!

Beth Pritchard said...

She is so precious! I can't believe it has been 5 weeks already!

MICHELE said...

wow she is doing so great! She is so cute! It takes me back to when Leighton was that little (you know 11 weeks ago!) They change just that fast!! Lo is already rolling over and grabbing toys and my hair! Funny she is watching TV, Lo does the same thing...it absolutely cracks me up...the TV is the only thing that keeps her content on her play mat!
Can't wait to keep watching her grow!

Steph said...

What a doll, keep posting pictures!