22 June 2009

Trip to Jacksonville, FL

On Sunday Katelyn and I drove 2 hours to Jacksonville, FL to meet up with Courtney and her family who were vacationing in Disney World. Who would have thought we would be meeting up in FL and not KS!! We hadn't seen each other since December. It was soooo great to see them and exciting for Courtney to meet Katelyn for the first time.

Katelyn was a great traveler and didn't cry once on the way there or back. She was even great during the day. I could definitely say I had a "perfect" baby yesterday!

And before Katelyn could meet Courtney we had to make sure she was stylin!! She got her toenails painted red!


Steph said...

You're funny, love the toes!

Joann said...

You must be a magician! Those toes are just adorable!! She definitely was stylin'.