17 June 2009


Just some random pictures from the past week. Katelyn is 6 weeks old today! She's starting to smile more when you talk to her....makes all those sleepless nights worth it!

She is starting to enjoy her bath more and more every night.

She was so tired she fell asleep propped up on the couch. She loves snuggling with her bunny that her Great Aunt Marlene gave her. She has a hard time taking her naps if she's not swaddled because she is constantly waking herself up with her arms, but if she has her bunny next to her, she'll sleep for several hours unswaddled. Figuring out these things are hard. If only I could read babies minds....I could make millions!

Laying in her crib with bunny. Too bad she wasn't sleeping!!!

6 week picture. She gets her picture taken each Wednesday so we can see her grow from week to week. So today she had her weekly photo shoot.


MICHELE said...

ahhh! This is great! We do all the same things. I take her pic every Sunday...it truly is amazing to go back and compare! If you ever figure out that baby minding reading thing...I will pay top dollar! I was just saying that tonight as I listened to her scream for the millionth time in 4 months!

She is super cute! Hope she starts sleeping better soon!

Beth Pritchard said...

She is so cute! I love the picture with asleep with the bunny!

DH said...

She's soooo adorable. I love the little swimsuit! Too cute!

Joann said...

Wonderful pictures! Wonderful baby!