27 January 2010

Pictures for the week

Katelyn had her weekly photo shoot today :) She is now a completely mobile baby, crawling all over the place. She has started trying to pull up to things. She sure is a busy body!

We are preparing to head back to the south next week and anxiously awaiting Jack's return for his 2 weeks of R&R! I know that the time will fly by but it will be so nice for him and Katelyn to have some time to bond again! I know she misses her daddy terribly - she always gets so excited when she sees him on the webcam.

Notice all the hair she is getting!! Maybe I'll be able to put the bow directly into her hair pretty soon instead of on the headband ha! Also, looks like her blue eyes may stay?

1 comment:

kd said...

Yes I think the blue eyes are staying! She is so cute!! I wish I could meet her!