05 January 2010

What's happening in our neck of the woods....

Besides trying to stay warm, not too much is going on with us. So I'll leave you all with some pictures.

Katelyn is figuring out how to crawl. She goes 3-4 crawls and then falls down and starts over. It's so fun watching to "take off."

She found her Uncle Matt's K-State hat. It just happened to match her outfit!

I hope everyone is having a great start to 2010. I can't wait for the next few months to unfold...we will be heading back to GA, Jack will be coming home for his 15 days of R&R and then he'll return to Iraq to begin his company command. Things will be very busy for him but I know he is excited and will do wonderful! So here's to a busy and great year ending with Jack/daddy returning home!


Joann said...

Thanks for the pictures. It is nice to see the big smile on the crawling big girl.

kd said...

Crawling! What a big girl!

Here's to many well-deserved reunions during 2010!