23 January 2010

St. Louis

Katelyn and I spent last week in St. Louis with Aunt Rachel, cousin Sadie and Grandma J. We hadn't celebrated Christmas with them yet so we did that and just spent time together the rest of the week. Sadie and Katelyn played very well together and I can't wait to see them together once Katelyn can actually keep up with her. Crawling just isn't cutting it!

Katelyn with her new Taggie Rocky Horse

She seemed to like the bows best!

Katelyn enjoyed sitting in Sadie's car.

Opal, a family friend, came over for dinner while we were in St. Louis. It was so great to see her!!

Katelyn being her usual smiley self!

Katelyn and Mommy!

On our way to St. Louis, we spent the night with Suzanne! It was so good to catch up with her...it had been WAY too long! I can't wait to do it again! Maybe in Manhattan next time.

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Steph said...

glad you had fun.. is that the first time Suzanne has seen Katelyn? Soon you'll be back on the road for GA!!