14 February 2010

Digital Scrapbooking - 1st Month

After seeing Michele's digital scrapbooking she did for her daughter, I got inspired! I got Adobe Photoshop for Christmas and have put it to good use (Well after some frustrating moments). If you aren't familiar with this program, you have to have a computer science or graphic design degree to run the crazy thing! Thanks to my patient husband for help with the program and also for letting me sit on the computer in the evening after Katelyn is in bed!! :)

I have only gotten to the end of Katelyn's 1st month, but hope to keep plugging away at it. Who knows how much I'll be able to get done once my help is gone, but my goal is to be to her 6 month mark by her 1st birthday (2.5 more months by the way!)

I think I'm officially addicted! I never thought I'd call myself a scrapbooker, but I might be there. ENJOY and Happy Valentine's Day!


MICHELE said...

wow! Yours is WAY better than mine! You are doing fantastic!! Can't wait to see all of it. Which edition do you have b/c you have way better stuff than I do. :)

Seriously 2.5 months!?!? Doesn't seem possible!

Joann said...

Wow! The scrapbook is GREAT!!! I am very impressed!!

Steph said...

good job! can't wait to see more!

Rachel said...

Nice job. That is awesome. I can't believe that you were able to do all of that!