08 February 2010

9 months

Katelyn was 9 months old on Saturday. I say the same thing everyone other mom says...."already?!? Where have the last 9 months gone to??"

She is crawling like crazy and getting into things. I am loving this stage though; she is definitely much happier with her new found freedom. Although, she still likes to hang on mommy! I guess she'll always be a mommy's girl. She has started to pull up to things. She hasn't taken too many steps around things but I think this is just around the "corner." She has said "mama" and is starting to babble "dadda." She is still a pretty good eater and starting to pick up little pieces of food herself. Ohh the progress in one short month, it really is amazing to me!

On a sour not, She has regressed in the sleeping department but I'm hoping that we can fix that sooner rather than later! We have had lots of transitioning going on lately so I'm sure that isn't helping matters any.

We didn't have a 9 month doctors appt so here are her rough stats from home:
28.25 inches

Her monthly photos are getting more difficult to take. She is more interested in the number that is hanging over her head than paying attention to the camera - unusual huh?!

We are enjoying being back "home" but really miss our family in KS and MO. Hopefully we'll make it back again this summer!

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