18 February 2010


This post is a little behind but we've been busy the last week. But here is proof that we had snow, look very closely......

Jack and I found it rather amusing at how this area dealt with what they were calling "Winter Storm 2010." They were calling for 1-3 inches of snow; however it had been 40+ degrees all week and it was above freezing when it was snowing so not much stuck-only on the vehicles and very little in the grass. Organizations and sports were canceling events and games left and right for the day of the snow and the following day. Savannah was all prepared for the "treacherous" roads by stocking up on sand and I'm guessing there plan was to stand on the back of flat bed trucks and shovel it onto the road (?) Quite a sight I'm sure! Ft. Stewart dumped piles of sand at the stop lights and I'm sure it's still there today! It had completely stopped snowing by the time we went to bed and of course it was all melted by morning. The kids in our neighborhood were out running around when it was snowing and probably hoping for inches.....I'm sure most of them had never seen snow before. Kind of sad!

So anyways...here's a picture!

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